Small tip for Win10 Ubuntu and access GIT local repo with Visual Studio Code

Installing Ubuntu on Windows 10 is pretty easy now it is available as an app in the Store.

Too bad for all non insiders, the App store version is only available for insiders Win10 environments. Still no problem ,you only have to install it the old way.

Something that recently has changed on the installation is that the Linux file is hidden in your AppData folder. And it is highly recommended not to though it.


When you want to control your GIT repo from this Ubuntu installation you have to do some extra steps if you want to work from Visual Studio Code or any other development environment.

By default when you simply do a GIT Clone or GIT Init, the GIT repo is created in the Linux file system… which is hidden, which can’t be accessed from Visual Studio Code which is installed on your Windows 10 Environment. So the command “clemens@Clemens:~$ git clone” won’t do it for you… at first you have to mount your Linux environment to your Windows file system. Mounting is pretty easy done with one command cd /mnt/c/Repos/. (small note, Bash is case sensitive, what is different as Dos of Powershell and tricky for us Windows users )


After mounting you can Clone or Init you GIT repo from your Ubuntu environment and access from your Windows environment with Visual Studio Code. Simply make your local branches and local commits straight from Visual Studio Code and GIT Push you local branch from Ubuntu.


Interesting to investigate. Git Bash when installed is default mapped to your Users/username folder, and the Bash command promt is mounted to /mnt/c/Windows/System32$. So when using those to control your GIT repo there is no need to pay attention to this mounting thing.

Happy Coding.

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