Azure Dev Test Browser Lab for Visual Studio Team Services. #VSTS #Azure


With the new Azure DevTest Lab capabilities you can create an artifact repository for your DevTest VM’s.


One of the scenarios for this Artifact repository is the Browser Lab. Create artifacts for all browsers you want to validate your system against.


Something I already did for you. You can find it in this GitHub repository .


Simply connect it to your own Azure DevTest Lab and it will give you a list of browsers you can add to a Lab VM.


It uses chocolatey for deploying the different browsers, feel free to add more.

To add it to your own Azure DevTest Lab add the GitHub URL as a new artifact repository and use the master branch. You also need to add a Personal Access Token, ping me I’ll add you to the project. 

VSTS Agent.

One special artifact is added to the repository and that is the Visual Studio Team Services Agent. This artifact downloads, install and configure the VSTS Agent on your VSTS account.

For the VSTS Agent PowerShell script I used some of the bits in the Azure ARM quickstart examples.


To add this the VSTS Agent artifact to a Lab VM you need to fill in the account name, a random user name, a Personal Access Token and give the agent a name with a poolname, found in VSTS.


Now you can create VSTS agents for every browser you want to validate for your system and configure the VSTS Build and or Release to execute your UI Tests. With the different Selenium WebDrivers for browsers this even gets an easy task.

driver = new ChromeDriver();

driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();

driver = new FirefoxDriver();

Have you agent ready in a minute, watch the video.


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Adriano Galeno 4/5/2016 9:41:06 PM

Hello  Clemens Reijnen, I would like to connect to your GitHub repository from my MSDN subscription in Azure. Could you please send me the Personal Access Token.

Cheers and thank you for this,

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