New release: Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Symbol Set Version 2.3

I’m using the Azure and Office Visio stencils a lot for my blog posts and internal communication.

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Happy to noticed today that an update is released.
This update has some new symbols, bug fixes.

Don’t forget to read the Instructions, they contain useful usages tips.



The Change Log.

Added new services/features
  Azure IOT Hub
  Azure Datalake
  Azure VPN Gateway
  Service Fabric
  Azure DNS
  Azure load balancer. Old one changed to Azure load balancer (automatic).
  Resource Group
  Microsoft Windows symbol
  Microsoft Intune and System Center symbols added

Bugs fixed or changes
  Virtual Machine Container - removed monitor symbol to make simpler
  Virtual network box. Didn't work right when stretched.  Made a smart version and a simple version
  Excel icon had "Exel" for the text.
  Azure Virtual Network changed to look better
  Microsoft Azure icon color changed to blue to be consistent
  "Code file" symbol changed to have func() in it.  Old code file with {} now used for   DocumentDB file to be consistent with other symbols.

Added BONUS area
3D Blueprint Visio Template
Windows Server Service Containers PowerPoints
Patterns and Practices icons PNG form

Added Macro Visio template
   (CSI_Art_Template_Save_v2.31) so you can export you own art using a single keystoke. (SHIFT-CTRL-A) 


Known bugs
  DNS symbol lines are not clean.


The update can be downloaded from here.

Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol / Icon Set - Visio stencil, PowerPoint, PNG

and don’t forget also to get the New Office Stencils.

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