HTTPClient Authentication for Visual Studio Online Personal Access Token.

With the 7 July release of Visual Studio Online (Card colors and personal access tokens – Jul 7) the capability of Personal Access Tokens is available.

A Personal Access Tokens gives just a bit more granular control over what an external system can do on you behave with Visual Studio Online. Amount of days, VSO resources and VSO accounts.

To make your system use this token actually nothing special has to be done. Before you had the UserName Password, now you have nothing, pat for you authentication.

So you HTTPClient can stay the same (0 changes :-) :


only the calls to it are different:

HttpClient client = GetVSOClient(userid, password);


HttpClient client = GetVSOClient(“”, pat);

To simple.

Within or Dev/Test on Azure Office 365 solution you can use this token now for give access to the team room to past messages, when you start or stop a VM.


In this way you have the actions on the environments your team uses close at a place where everybody sees it.



Soon (after my vacation also available in the Free MSDN OneShare Solution)

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