Insight and Self Servicing needs for Dev & Test Teams

Two important aspects must be given to teams who work from and on Azure. Insight and Self Servicing.


Insight in usages of Azure resources (and money) in relation to the team activities. When you are in the automation business, you are lazy by default. Team members will forget to switch off machines. Team members will leave test environments running, even when there aren’t any test runs going on or planned.

When you give team members direct insight how they are consuming Azure resource in relation with their activities, they will pay a lot more attention to it.

With this insight the lower cost, pay per use, scenario will really take off.


Self servicing and some help with it. Team member who are busy for days to setup their work machine isn't from this age any more, even teams who are busy for days setting up (and configuring) the complete test infrastructure or automate build and test environments isn’t accepted by customers anymore.   

The creation of machines on Azure is pretty easy, but still additional software installing and configure for example networks takes a lot of specialized knowledge not every team member has.

Making it easy for every team member to create environments, also the ones without PowerShell knowledge or even Azure services knowledge, is key for the success of using the Cloud for your teams.

Dev and Test Teams Portal.

At Sogeti we created the OneShare service and solution for teams. An O365 hosted portal where every team/ project gets a site, a Visual Studio online account and an Azure sub-subscription, all connected with each other. to give insight and self servicing  for every team member.

For more details watch this video…

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