Cloud usage flavors for Development and Test teams.

The cloud for teams have many forms.

Teams can simply use a virtual machine on Azure to work from, the team member workspace flavor as I call it.


Or, they can use the bug tracking database, requirements management, and scrum board from the Cloud. In either a SaaS way, like Visual Studio Online ( or as an IaaS solution (see Practical guidance for TFVC and TFS on Azure IaaS). Both are the ALM infrastructure in the cloud flavor of Cloud usages by teams.


Another way teams can use the Cloud for their work is that they use it for their Development and Test Infrastructures. For example, when you develop a system for an On-Premise SharePoint farm team members need to have a SharePoint Farm. Developers need the infrastructure for development, debugging and integration, testers for sure to run tests for the system in development. It is the Development and Test Environments flavor.


When adopting the cloud for your Development and Test work, all three flavors are interesting to look at. You can consume them separately but when using all together you are really riding the cloud wave.

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