Visual Studio Online Team Rooms on WP8, iPhone and Android with Xamarin Forms.

A small  (Monday evening now, so a bit extended) weekend project, due to the contest announcement from Xamarin.

A Xamarin 3 Forms project for Visual Studio Online Teams. Stay up to date what happens in your project with build runs, code changes, work item changes and chat with you team members. Available on three mobile platforms, iPhone, Windows Phone 8 and Android.

You can get the source over here on GitHub VSOTeamsX


imageThe solution is build on top of the Scott Hanselman example,  together with some examples from Xamarin.

All logic is in the Shared Project and in the following Nuget packages:

Microsoft HTTP Client Libraries, (for the connectivity)

PCL Storage, (for saving the profile images and settings in the App).

There is still a lot of room for improvement, but I’m pretty happy with it for a weekend project. Would be cool to add notifications.

Feel free to take a look at the sources and use it for your own solution.



A small explanation.

First you have to enable your secondary Visual Studio Online credentials and save them in the App.



The App shows all your Project in Visual Studio Online and you corresponding team members.



(on the list for email and phone integration).

Next all team rooms are shown with messages, events and event details.



you can also publish messages to the room.


This is a small video from the windows Phone version:


This all also works on an Android 


and iPhone…
(the text overrun is solved now)

iOS Simulator Screen shot 16 Jun 2014 13.43.08iOS Simulator Screen shot 16 Jun 2014 13.42.14iOS Simulator Screen shot 16 Jun 2014 13.43.37


Happy to have one code base for functionality and the UI, but we’re entering an images hell.

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