My Garmin Forerunner 405 died today.

I think it is the battery which didn’t charge properly any more.

The Forerunner 405, it was my first wearable device, connected with the internet. I also got the Heart Rate Monitor, the Foot Pod and the Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor sensors. Too much fun all these sensors when running.

All these hypes now days around wearable computing sounds a bit strange to me, it was already there five years ago. In what stone age have all these analysts lived these years. For sure they aren’t runners, they would have know better.
It is funny when I think back about a talk I had after I bought this Garmin device about logging my activities the guy was amazed I logged everything, he is now wearing a FitBit.  

I had my Garmin for five years and I did run 5.390,06 km with it for 482:47:13 u:m:s. The device did cost about 300 euros (I think, not exactly), a simple math gives us that the device cost 5 cent per km, or 60 cent per hour. I can live with that.

I did two marathons with it:


I did many half marathons as training in the Amsterdamse Bos (my backyard)

I ran in Dubai, slowly due to the heat.

and in Seattle, with a beautiful view on Mnt Rainier

Did some hiking in Norway.. beautiful 

Many times ski touring in the Swiss and Italian Mountains

And many many more, finally more than 500 activities have been logged with my 405 the past five years.

I sure want a new one, apps on a mobile device can’t replace it.
But, have to save some money first...  I like the Fenix 2  

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