Things to think of when using Team Member IDE on Azure, networks.

Azure for Teams

Having Team Member IDE’s on Azure provides create benefit for teams in moving fast and staying flexible.


But there are still some items you have to think of when start adopting it, networks being connected is an important one:


You never ever develop or work in isolation. Especially with the heterogenic systems we build now a days. So, being connected with the world from your Azure hosted Visual Studio IDE is a must.

For example, the SQL Server database you are consuming in your App is in the local data center. You need a connection to that datacenter from your Azure environment.

You can create a Site-to-Site VPN, for connecting datacenters to an Azure site or Point-to-Site VPN, when connecting a single machine to an Azure site.

· Configure a Site-to-Site VPN using the Management Portal Wizard

· Configure a Point-to-Site VPN using the Management Portal Wizard


This can be challenging, not from a technical perspective but more form an organizational perspective. From Azure you can setup a Side to Side network connection to the datacenter, but this also requires some changes in the company policy in connecting to Azure. Some IT-departments aren’t ready for that.


A solution can be, put the SQL Database beside the VM’s in the same Virtual Network on Azure.

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