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clip_image003Having a Team Member Desktop brings a team great benefits. Self-provisioning of environments for team members is one of these benefits, give the control to the Team responsible for the realization of the system. Helping to solve the team challenge of delivering fast and flexible new software.

Beside this single scenario which makes the team faster and flexible. There are many more possibilities for teams in using a Team Desktop on Azure, possibilities which bring new opportunities and benefits.

Complete Team

When you can create a Team Member Desktop in the Cloud for a single person, you also could create multiple for a complete team.

The start of a new project is an investment with a risk.

Most often after a few sprints it starts to get clear if the project is viable. The customer (product owner) gets the first drop and gives direction on the development. This direction could be, stop with the development, move to a different platform or some other mature change.


Changes in insight could result in losing the investment of project startup. Minimizing the investment will make it easier to move. Lowering the barrier to start a new project with less investment will give teams more possibilities.

Creating Team Desktops on Azure for a complete team, with multiple disciplines, will solve the team challenges of having Small Budgets and lowers the investment risk.

How To

You could create every IDE in a separate personal MSDN subscription. Beside this is boring work it is also better to have team member connected in the same network and the environments managed via a project Azure subscription in an Azure Enterprise Subscription.


When a project has its own Azure subscription, they can manage their own ‘base’ images used to create the team member development environments, and other environments. Having all the project costs in one place.

This script is a good starting point, it creates four VM’s in an Azure network.


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