Visual Studio Online Quality Dashboard WIN8 App.

We just released to Store the Visual Studio Online Quality Dashboard WIN8 App. An App which helps you being informed how projects are doing.



The start screen loads all projects the user is member of and visualizes the last build run state and date. 

In one overview you can see which projects needs your attention. With personalized project images you also can easily navigate to you specific project. 
(setting the personalized project image can be done in the project detail screen via the appbar.)


The project detail pages provides three key quality metrics of your project; unsolved bugs, test cases and feedback items.

It can take a few seconds before the data loads, when opening a big project for the first time.


Scrolling to the left, shows graphs and more details for these quality metrics. An important part in the middle are the build definitions.

When scrolling even further to the left shows the tasks board of the project. Which is fully functional.



Drilling in to a build definition gives an overview of last build runs with the change set details and code changes.

Bugs, Test cases and Feedback


The Bug, test cases and feedback work items views for navigating and editing of specific work items.

TMap Tasks


On the project detail screen the Add TMap Tasks gives the user the capability to add predefined Testing Tasks to a Sprint.


Selecting a task gives some more details about the task.


After selecting TMap testing tasks and a sprint, you can upload them to you project in a single click.


Technical notes

The implementation is based on the TFS OData API  

Read more about it:

Telerik controls are used for the graphs:

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