Free book: The Connected Workforce. Making your Digital Transformation Work

A book written by Sogeti together with Microsoft and Capgemini Consulting, detailing the why and how of embracing digital technology for maximum results.

Within The Connected Workforce, experts provide effective strategies for facilitating a digital transformation within the enterprise while still maximizing existing technology investments. The book also includes a roadmap on how to get there, from building your vision to the execution of projects that excite and energize both clients and employees alike.

“We describe how to be smart and agile, accelerate innovation, cut down silos and become a more social company”.
Co-author Erik van Ommeren, Sogeti

“In a digital world, companies have to create a ‘digital first’ strategy”.
Co-author Marc Herubel, Capgemini Consulting   

“Three imperatives for companies today is to engage the customer, find new ways of collaborating, and use the new generations of talent”.
Co-author Per Björkegren, Sogeti


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