Visual Studio Launch Roadshows and Workshops in the Netherlands


Get teams up to speed with the new Visual Studio 2012 Application Lifecycle Management tools with free roadshows from Sogeti for customers.

imageSogeti has been involved with the Visual Studio 2012 release from the first early stages till the launch 12 September. Two and a half year ago Sogeti joined the Visual Studio 2012 Strategic Design Review (SDR) and was enabled to use Team Foundation Service as one of the first companies. This early involvement together with the Visual Studio 2012 Technical Adoption Program (TAP) result in a deep knowledge of the Visual Studio 2012 capabilities, usages practices and adoption strategies at the moment of release. Sogeti will be part and on stage of the international launch in Seattle.

This knowledge we want to share with your teams. We offer a variety of free roadshows delivered by Sogeti’s Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) ‘Clemens Reijnen’ and a team of subject matter experts.

The roadshows will be delivered on location at a time that suites the team. The session will take between one and two hours, depending on the available time. There can be selected from four different topics.


What’s new in Visual Studio 2012.image
An overview of the new capabilities for team members. It covers topics like Product Backlog / Task Board, My Work, Local workspaces, Code Review, Code Comparison, Rollback, etc.


Team Foundation Server Agile Planning Tools.image
An in-depth session about agile software development with Team Foundation Server. It covers topics like Teams / Product Backlog / Kanban Board / Scrum Board / Bug backlog / Master Child Backlogs.


Agile Testing with Visual Studio 2012. image
This session focusses on areas and activities to achieve good quality. Topics like Backlog, Storyboarding, Task board, Exploratory Testing, Feedback, Unit Testing & Fakes.


Building Windows 8 Store Applications.image
Develop Windows 8 store applications by using Visual Studio 2012 templates and how to enable Windows 8 features in your applications like search everywhere.


Select you’re location, you’re time and the topics and we will deliver a knowledge sharing session. Contact your account manager to make reservation.

Hands-on Workshops

Beside these ‘on location’ roadshows we also organize three evening workshops on Sogeti location covering the same topics. During the workshops attendees will be enabled to try the scenario’s them self. All attendees will get an Azure Virtual machine pre-configured with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and connected to Team Foundation Service. A team of Sogeti subject matter experts will guide them. A perfect way to feel the value of Visual Studio 2012 Application Lifecycle Management tools for team development.

Attendees should bring their own laptop with remote desktop enabled.
Depending on availability a maximum per company can be set.

Select the date and topics at or call your account manager.

Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services

Sogeti delivers Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services (DTDPS), a 3 to 5 days service based on Microsoft Software Assurance benefits, designed to help organizations plan effective Visual Studio deployments. Ask your local Microsoft contact for details.



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