TFS11 on Azure January 2012 update – request feedback

The latest update on TFS ( see: Team Foundation Service Planned Maintenance Tues Jan 17th ), fixed an issue with builds, they look stable again. And my Azure build service executes them happy. Now its time to expand this scenario with test controllers and test agents for automatic test execution and test environment provisioning.  


But, I want to point to the new menu item ‘request feedback’ … it is the feature for getting early feedback about your product, for example during the sprint review.


It is a really nice feature supported with a tool similar as the Test Professional, Test Runner. 


More explained with a walkthrough for the dev preview can be found in Brian Kellers dev11 VHD and the handson lab: Building the Right Software - Generating Storyboards and Collecting Stakeholder Feedback with Visual Studio 11 (docx).

How it works, I can start asking feedback … about a feature I just created. For example in this screen I’m asking if Brad the Product Owner can look at the website for typos.


It generates an email for Brad, asking to start the feedback session.


Now this is where TFS Azure isn’t complete, it can’t send the mail and the feedback tool URL points to the MSDN subscriptions download page. But, when you look at the Brian Keller hands on lab you know what happens.

there isn’t a feedback work item type..



A very promising feature, special in distributed teams and with TFS on Azure we can ask any one for feedback.

So, get your product owners informed… they will get involved in dev11.

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