Coded UI Test Automation Practices Deck

Had a great time in Munchen during the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Days 2011, below the deck I used during my session.

the \final notes slide\ is a scrolling screen… her are the topics

  • keep it simple
  • DRY
  • start automating from the beginning
  • developer and test engineer in same room
  • don’t automate everything
  • know what already have been verified
  • run them always
  • fail fast fail often
  • learn as a team
  • tools will help you
  • code rules for better testability
  • test automation in the same sprint
  • start from scratch or tune your manual tests
  • make clear test method names
  • separate the test intent from the test steps
  • no related tests
  • all test must leave the application in the same state before the test started

some photo’s of the alm days… I lost the glove on the photo, so if you found it… ping me

(update about the lost glove: Brian Harry found him)

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