Build Service on Azure connected with Hosted TFS Service on Azure.

Just because it is possible… and that it feels as a good solution. I created an Azure VM Role with a build service (VS11 CTP), configured against the Hosted TFS service.

For example when your team only exists of distributed team members with no central server it now can use the TFS service environment with a build without having to know where it lives. It just feels strange when you’re using a cloud based solution and you still have to install something on premise on a server.

So, here are the three steps to create your own…
(note: take a two week time frame for it)

Step zero: get an Azure account.


First step: signup for the VM Role beta program.


This will take a few days

Second Step: Create a VHD

Follow Task 1 in this post:


Replace task 2 with the installation of TFS build Service 11 CTP (Look here for the steps), only the installation not the configuration.

Execute Task3 in the post, only change the port number in bullet 9 to 9191. (I’m not sure if this is really necessary and if internal is just enough… have to investigate a bit more for this, but these settings work)



Step three: connect to your VM role with remote desktop and configure the build service.


see this post: and configure the build service according to the steps described in Brain’s post

Final Step: Enjoy building your application


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