Fall Conference season speaking


DevNetNoord (Groningen, Netherlands)

29 September

Title: Five Visual Studio features that make development testing fun.

[DUTCH] Testen, leuk, dat meen je niet? Ik heb een hekel aan testen. Unit testen, systeem testen, acceptatie testen noem maar op, het staat in de weg van het 'echte' werk. Wij ontwikkelaars hebben geen tijd voor development testing, het is overbodig de code, de implementatie is perfect, maar het moet van mijn project leider. Tijdens deze demo rijke presentatie worden de features (Data Diagnostic Adapters, Test Impact Analyse, Spec Explorer (is een addon), Lab Management en CodedUI ) van Visual Studio besproken die het development testen leuk, interessant, uitdagend en effectief maken. Je krijgt meerdere handvaten om eenvoudig aan te kunnen tonen dat jouw implementatie perfect is.

For more information please visit: http://www.devnetnoord.nl/

Agile .Net 2011 Europe (Ghent, Belgium)

10 and 11 October

Title: Agile practices with Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager.

Agile teams find it hard to get the testing effort in sync with the other development activities. Not only development tests are executed during sprints as the main testing practices. All kind of testing activities are part of done. Functional, system and acceptance tests are executed during a sprint. Automation is the key, but test cases need to be written upfront. Continuous integration works for code but is it ready for test. Continuous delivery is the goal, how can we reach it.

This session will give guidance how Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager can support agile teams. How to run sprints, how to use the tools and what are the common pitfalls. Covered topics are:

  • backlog items and acceptance criteria
  • test tasks on the task board
  • branching and test cases
  • automated test plans
  • test plan organization
  • the bug backlog

For more information please visit: http://www.agileminds.be/event/5


WAZUG (Brussels, Belgium)

20 October

Title: ALM 4 Azure

This session will guide you through how professional application development is done for and with the cloud.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is about working together. People, processes and tools all working together to create end-user systems quicker and better. This is valid for all application types: Mobile Devices, Windows Clients and Windows Azure systems. This session highlights how the ALM features in VS2010, TFS2010, Microsoft Test Manager and Windows Azure can contribute to a better combination of processes and tools. We'll optimize the "develop, build, deploy, test" lifecycle for a Windows Azure application.

For more information please visit: http://www.azug.be/ 

Visual Studio ALM days 2011 (München, Germany)

23 and 24 November

Title: Maintainable CodedUI tests – best practices from the field

CodedUI tests within Visual Studio makes it easy for developers together with tester to create, fully-automated, functional user interface tests. These tests alert the team in an, easy to execute, automated way about regressions. CodedUI tests are easy to create for different UI technologies. But, all kinds of test automation needs an investment. To get a good return on this test automation investment you need to create CodedUI tests in a robust manner which can sustain changes to your application over time.

In this session you will see how maintainable CodedUI tests can be created and how the test infrastructure needs to be configured for efficient execution.

For more information please visit: http://www.teamconf.de/

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