Speaking at Dutch DevDays and Danish ALM Day

Will be speaking at the Dutch DevDays [about VS2010 general/practical usages] and Danish ALM Day [about TMap for VS2010] in March/April.

The Hague, The Netherlands
March 30-31, 2010
DevDays 2010

Will give the interactive session "ALM Best Practices: Modeling the Showcase Application" with @Edwb (www.edwardbakker.nl) and the session "ALM Best Practices: Testing the Showcase Application" with www.RobKuijt.nl. Rob is a real tester, who will give an interesting look in the world of the tester. 


Copenhagen, Denmark
April 9, 2010
ALM Day 2010


Not as much as Brian Keller [4 weeks, 7 countries, 25+ sessions, 1 suitcase…]… looking forward to it, specially because I can travel again and almost can walk without crutches. So, I can do my talks standing with my hands on the keyboard without falling.

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Thanks for the Post, I hope you have a great day!

Good afternoon, cool site, where did you come up with the info in this summary? Im glad I found it though, I will be checking back soon to see what other blogs you have.

Could you pls provide more information on this topic??? BTW your blog is so sool. Best regards..

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