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Some interesting downloads from my test expert colleagues…
Beside you can find these documents on our www.TMap.NET site all these templates and checklists also have a place in the TMap Process Template for VS2010 [which can be found at TMap.Codeplex.com].

excel Overview "Tools per TMap activity"
TMap has a lot of test specific activities in this Excel sheet you can see a link between these activities and the tool categories. Interesting to map Visual Studio with Test Professional 2010 to it,  it almost fulfills every category.
word Checklist "Intake Test Tools"
After your test tool selection this is a nice checklist when setting up your test environments.
excel Checklist "Test Environment"
Nice checklist when setting up your Lab environment with Lab Manager.
word Overzicht "Test Tool selection criteria" [Test Tool Selection Criteria]. Combined with the “tools per TMap activity” will give you a nice capability overview of your test tools…

More in the process template and on the TMap site.

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