A lot of traveling past months...

At this moment in the train to Stockholm after giving a presentation in Borlange at a Sogeti office. They launched a dedicated “Sogeti Team System Center” yesterday and I was invited to give a presentation about VSTS2010. It’s really great to see how mature their development environments are and how they use TFS. So, beside the 1,5 hour presentation [that's to long for listing but to short to discus VSTS2010] we had a lot of talks and discussions exchanging ideas and practices.

PC040030The preparation

PC040031  Fresh snow…

Two weeks ago I gave almost the same presentation about VSTS2010 in Barcelona at a Microsoft Partner event, although not exactly the same didn’t showed any demo’s over there [not enough time].

DSC_0140  chat with Sam

DSC_0125 Some Gaudi buildings

Before Barcelona I flew to to Los Angels for attending the PDC [just after my vacation in Nova Scotia]… So for the past few months of this year enough traveling, talks, discussions and presentations… Time to get working ;-)

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