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I was LIVE at the PDC, but haven’t seen that much sessions. Most of the time I was at the VSTS and Oslo Booth, talking/ discussing with a lot of people. Main reason… all the sessions are available for download after 24 hour at Channel9.  So, home at the hotel I started the downloads…

To bad KLM flights haven’t got any power plugs in the economy class so I had to find some kind of device which could play video’s in the airplane at the PDC, I don’t think it’s a surprise it’s a Zune 120… uploaded all the sessions and I really like the screen… even after watching more sessions than I ever could attend LIVE.

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The Pocket Dream Console is a small handheld game device created by Tomy and Conny in 2006. It is available in different colors.

In Germany the PDC is rebranded as "MGT (Mobile Games Technology) Pocket Star LCD - Spielkonsole 30in1" by importer PEARL or sold under the original Name "PDC" from Videojet at Toys R Us. The Videojet-Version is available with 30, 40, 50 or 100 games.

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