Trends in Software Modeling webcast

As you can see in this post I did worked sometimes during my vacation… and one of the things I did was the recording of this webcast.

Learn more about modeling by watching the Trends in Software Modeling [wmv, download] webcast featuring Jeffrey Hammond (Forrester Research), Cameron Skinner (Microsoft, Visual Studio Team System), and Clemens Reijnen (Sogeti).

The complete story can be found on MSDN “Visual Studio Team System 2010 Overview”…


The recording wasn’t with any stress for me, My cell phone didn't had a network connection on the only location with internet access … arrrghhhh so, finally I used the old fashioned phone on the picture, with the result that the quality isn’t that great.


Jeffery Hammond just published a paper up on Microsoft, OMG, and the UML: … interesting reading.

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well i know what is the proper techniques i must do  

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