"...as a service" a Web2.0 hype problem.

Beside the big and loud announcement of VS2008 SP1 Beta, what is a great Service Pack, there is also an announcement from Microsoft Research... Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.


While reading about this, I ran into some strange Web2.0 things. It started by this sentence [see quote] on the WWT site which triggered my observation... 

WorldWide Telescope as a service...

That's strange, when it comes from Microsoft it should be called "Software plus Services", but when you read the complete sentence...

Microsoft Research is releasing WorldWide Telescope as a service free of charge to the astronomy and education communities as a tribute to Gray...

The focus isn't on the "as a service" part but on the "free" part in the sentence... I think I'm to much "hyped" on every word what ends with "as a service".


It kept my focus and I made a small list how WWT is described.


It was so easy when we just called applications "client-server, web-based or win-based" and we had nothing to do with the 2.0 hype. Also, because the focus isn't anymore on the most important part... the server. All the articles are about the front-end "how 2.0 they are". But, when reading the document on Microsoft Research the focus is on the database and the enormous amount of data it processes. there is only one sentence about the front-end.

Finally, good data visualization tools are needed that make it easy to pose questions in a visual way and to “see” the answers.

The rest of the 3019 words are about the data and the servers, Gray's work.

Anyway, just installed the client and it's really amazing... going to play more with it!!!

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