How Do I: Model Class Libraries using the Architecture Edition Power Tools?

Another video on MSDN about Team Architect from Richard Hundhausen... this time the video covers the Architecture Edition Power Toys.


three comments on the video:

  1. Hurray we get support for class libraries [00:00:34]. I'm not a big fan of having class libraries on the application diagram. when you make a serious project, you get a lot of shapes which don't add any value to the diagram [see image, also testprojects will show up in the diagram] and class libraries don't belong at application level [see Bill Gibson's post about this, TN_1105- Why Class Libraries are not shown on an Application Diagram]

  2. Synchronize back and forward with the solutions, just as every DSL should do... [00:01:04]. I disagree, not every DSL should do this, in most situations you really don't want this. When the differences in abstractions between the two languages is very low, it's an option in other situations I won't recommend synchronization.
  3. The rest of the demo: I really like... but, due to comment #1 I'm not using the powertoys.

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