My ALM Assessment

Did this morning the ALM Quick Assessment, not for a specific company our development department, but more the way I think most companies work now days.

The results... [the vertical scale is 0 to 5]

I'm a pessimist, my score is much lower than industry average, specially about the development activities.

The assessment is still focused on development, although it's called ALM Assessment. [see picture below]. I thought there would be more business and operations topics.
Actually  "Requirements Management" and "Project Management" have a bigger scope then the pie I've put them in, but there is the heavy work done.


My morning activity continues with the VSTS Roadmap Builder. This tool, made with the DSL Tools, organizes and prioritizes the different topics. It should be possible to make it in Excel, there is not much intelligence behind it.

First you download your assessment to your computer. At the ALM Assessment site there is a feature "save as XML" .
There is also a "save as Excel " export, it uses American settings for numbers, if you want to make fancy charts as I did ;-) and you don't live in America change the regional settings before opening the sheet and change them back after you have opened it.

What's next...
After installing Visual Studio and the Visual Studio SDK with the DSL Tools you should install the VSTS Roadmap Builder and import your assessment. After a day or so, if you don't have to upgrade your computer you can start with the "Impact Ratting" for the different topics. Finally every topic / discussion area will find it's place in a Heat Map.

After creating the Heat Map you can start by planning the iterations.



Is the Roadmap Builder Tool useful?
Not really, but it gives a nice overview. Actually when this Roadmap Builder Tool was designed with an ALM Mind Set, it should have created WorkItems in TFS and a planning in Project Manager.

Is the ALM Assessment useful?
Yes, it gives a pretty good baseline about the maturity of your organization, although I think the focus is to much on the development part.

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