Rosario Team Architect Exposed, Getting Information Out Off the Designers.

I'm not fully up and running with the Rosario CTP, but found yesterday evening some time to dig into the internals of Team Architect. [Reflector rules]
 beetle exposed

Getting information out off the designers.
It is pretty hard to iterate through the various applications and endpoints within the VS2005 and VS2008 designers . You must load the .ad file with an XML reader and query it. Rosario makes this allot easier, it exposes methods to do this.

This is the Application Designer ToolAdapter Interface with the getApplications, getEndpoints, etc methods:


The new way to iterate the applications and endpoints. Much better than overly long XML queries:

Inside the "Rosario" Service Factory there are some helper classes to get the ISoaService

Update: removed the formatted code and added screenshots.

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