Bad writing day, mind block our better writers block.


I have to write a bunch of articles about our TAP project for internal use, external use, for developers for managers… but couldn’t focus myself today.

So, what did I do instead of using Words, I played with some thoughts, some scenarios about Application Lifecycle Management and the major role Team Architect is going to play [is playing ] in it.
For example when you read my previous post about Health Modeling, DFO, Team Architect and the Factories. That would really be a benefit for the ALM strategy.

While Microsoft is mainly focusing on VSTS and TFS as THE ALM Tool [watch this webcast], ALM is much bigger, you also must think about operations, design for operations, you also must think about the business [they are going to consume the Life you’ve made, and kill it].

Another example security, did you know that you can use the Threat Analyses & Modeling Tool with Team Architect and TFS? You can import the deployment diagram, define your use cases the use of the components and generate work items in TFS for the developers and testers.

With that, I started today with the creation of WorkItems in TFS at the moment a Factory is fired from the Application Diagram. See the picture taken from my whiteboard


You already know which steps the developers must make to finish that “delimited” piece of work, you can even keep an history repository from it, for estimating.

Anyway, I didn’t finished the implementation today, but I will get back on that.I have to focus myself on writing again ;-)

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