Teams in Visual Studio 11, the basics.

The next version of Visual Studio is supporting Teams. Members in a team work together on a project or feature, they are multidisciplinary and deliver working software in sprints. [More]

the one thing every tester was waiting for in Microsoft Test Manager… multiline support for test steps and rich text.

alt enter does the magic… now tester can write complete books in the test step field.


Below the training guide and decks I use for Microsoft Test Manager Trainings, feel free to use it. One note, it is work in progress. I add, change, tune the guide every time I provide a MTM course.     MTLM Visual Studio 2010 ALM workshop View more documents from Clemens Re... [More]

Fall Conference season speaking

  DevNetNoord (Groningen, Netherlands) 29 September Title: Five Visual Studio features that make development testing fun. [DUTCH] Testen, leuk, dat meen je niet? Ik heb een hekel aan testen. Unit testen, systeem testen, acceptatie testen noem maar op, het staat in de weg van het 'echte' w... [More]

[Dutch] devNetNoord: Kennisdeling van .NET ontwikkelingen in noord Nederland

Op donderdag 29 september a.s. organiseert devNetNoord haar eerste event. Het event is gericht op developers in Noord Nederland die interesse hebben in .NET ontwikkelen, architecturen, en het laatste nieuws van Microsoft. Locatie: Gasunie, Concourslaan 17, Groningen. Programma 15.30 uur: ... [More]

6 September IASA bijeenkomst in Tilburg - Claim-based security and architectuur

Op 6 september a.s. organiseren we weer voor de derde keer dit jaar een IASA NL event, deze keer met Achmea in Tilburg als gastheer. Het programma begint om 16.00 en ziet er als volgt uit: 16.00 – 17.00 Overzicht IASA NL en IASA trainingen (Dylan van Iersel, Angelo Hulshout) Dylan en Angelo g... [More]

in the Visual Studio ALM Rangers index

Finally found Willy’s Cave and made it in the Visual Studio ALM Rangers Index. @Jesse: thx 4 the comment . If you really want to know more read the about page or twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the bio’s on the internet.

Deck: Work Agile with Scrum and Visual Studio 2010

The deck I used yesterday evening during my talk about scrum with VS2010. Scrum with VS2010 View more presentations from Clemens Reijnen

large slide deck: technical meeting automated testing with vs2010

Slide deck from a 3 hour presentation (in the north of the Netherlands) covering automated testing with vs2010: test case specification, execution, automation and test infrastructure with VS2010 CodedUI and Lab management. Technical meeting automated testing with vs2010 View more presentati... [More]

Windows Azure User Group Meeting TFS2010 for Azure Cloud Development Deck.

Presentation covering ALM TFS2010 MTM for Azure Cloud Development given at the 3e Windows Azure User Group Meeting , 26 may 2011 Alm 4 Azure with screenshots View more presentations from Clemens Reijnen.

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