TMap for VS2010 Flyer

English version [pdf] Dutch version [pdf]

Architecture Analysis Practices with VS2010 Direct Graphs and Layer Diagrams

Been using the direct graph [DGML] and layer diagram capabilities from VS2010 for a while now. Used them on many different projects with a wide spread of architectures, different quality levels and with many questions to answer about it. And I recognized a common way of working when using the tools…... [More]

TMap for VS2010 Process Template Explained…

Recorded a LiveMeeting yesterday about the TMap for VS2010 Testing Process Template. Click to watch it [ 53:08 ]

patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide Layer Diagrams (Pre Release)

Patterns and practices has put on the Visual Studio Gallery a set of layer diagrams which correspond with the Application Architecture Guidance… Install the VSIX in VS2010 Ultimate and you get diagrams like th... [More]

VS2010 TMap Testing Template | Initial Work Items #1

During the unfolding of the TMap for VS2010 process template, several pre-defined work items are created for the test organization. These work items helps the test organization to start structured test process with a Master Test Plan. When starting a testing effort first several things needs to be... [More]

TMap for VS2010 Testing Process Template RC published on Codeplex.

A bit later as planned, due to my broken leg. Just checked in the RC version of the TMap for VS2010 process template… Downloaded it from Still a lot of work to do, specially on the documentation and reporting part [lucky me, my colleagues from Sogeti US, Sweden and other S... [More]

Speaking at Dutch DevDays and Danish ALM Day

Will be speaking at the Dutch DevDays [about VS2010 general/practical usages] and Danish ALM Day [about TMap for VS2010] in March/April. The Hague, The Netherlands March 30-31, 2010 DevDays 2010[update]Will give the interactive session "ALM Best Practices: Modeling the Showcase Applicati... [More]

Test Tool Checklists - TMAP NEXT DOWNLOADS

Some interesting downloads from my test expert colleagues… Beside you can find these documents on our www.TMap.NET site all these templates and checklists also have a place in the TMap Process Template for VS2010 [which can be found at]. Overview "Tool... [More]

VS2010 Architecture Explorer Analyzers

DGML, the new VS2010 visualization technology has capabilities to render graphs. Graphs like dependencies between classes, inheritance graphs, custom graph, you actually can visualize any relation you want. Cameron Skinner has posts about DGML and Chris Lovett has some great video’s.   [class ... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Requirements Management Guidance

Another delivery from the VS ALM Rangers is public available… the Requirements Management Guidance.  Very useful guidance, with a small contribution from me with the Enrich VSTA 2010 Use case diagram with SketchFlow Screens post. [see the Requirements Elicitation part]. var dzone_url = 'http... [More]

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