Presentation: TMap for VS2010, Testing Practices with ALM tools

My deck and demo’s for TMap® meets Visual Studio®, München. Sogeti TMap® und Visual Studio 2010: Kooperation von Sogeti und Microsoft zu Visual Studio-Testmanagement One funny thing I didn’t know, in Germany they knock on the table instead off clapping... the ... [More]

Business Driven Test Management with Microsoft Test Manager

I’m using the image below, more and more to explain the flow of test case management, see for an in depth explanation. The fun part is on there is the ‘old’ [tool agnostic image, excel version] image and on codeplex you can find the VS2010 ALM version.   A nic... [More]

video: 101 bug dev test collaboration scenario…

Second 101 demo, a basic developer test collaboration scenario. thx for watching… see for more details

video: Basic Test Specification and Execution scenario

So happy with my renewed Camtasia Studio 7 license…  that I thought lets share some demo’s I created. This first one is a basic 101 test specification and test execution scenario. thx for watching… see for more details

Sogeti TMAP process template certified and ready

cross post from Mattias Sköld. Today we finalized the RTM version of our TMAP process template and it will soon be available for free download from the official TMAP.Net site (direct link to download Certified process template Sogeti's TMAP te... [More]

Doug Seven: Improving Developer-Tester Collaboration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Watch it here:   With Sogeti on top of the partner list with our TMap Testing Process Template…

TMap® med Microsoft testverktyg

Swedish site about VS2010 TMAP process template Now you can read more about Sogeti's TMAP process template for Visual Studio 2010 (in Swedish). At you can find a brief description of Microsoft test tools and Sogeti's TMAP process template.   and just reviewed ... [More]

Test Manager 2010 Test Plans

..or, as my Swedish colleagues well described call it, Test Execution Plans. Microsoft Test Manager to help you define and manage your testing effort by using test plans. You create a test plan and add any test suites, test cases, or configurations that you need, as shown in the following il... [More]

Dutch Visual Studio 2010 launch on 20 april 2010

In samenwerking met Microsoft organiseert Sogeti Nederland B.V. het launch-event: Visual Studio 2010 ‘Lets include testing’ Datum: dinsdag 20 april 2010 Locatie: Hotel Van der Valk Nootdorp Aanmelden: (Deelname aan dit event is kosteloos) Met de introductie van Visual St... [More]

TMap for VS2010 Flyer

English version [pdf] Dutch version [pdf]

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