01. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint - The Team and Activities

Every Agile ALM presentation the same question is asked: How do I get testing done in a sprint? There isn’t a one solution/ practices/ to do/ how to fits all for this. So, I made a small list of tips you could do (or recommended to do, or must do… ), which can help to get testing done in a sprint.... [More]


Below the training guide and decks I use for Microsoft Test Manager Trainings, feel free to use it. One note, it is work in progress. I add, change, tune the guide every time I provide a MTM course.     MTLM Visual Studio 2010 ALM workshop View more documents from Clemens Re... [More]

large slide deck: technical meeting automated testing with vs2010

Slide deck from a 3 hour presentation (in the north of the Netherlands) covering automated testing with vs2010: test case specification, execution, automation and test infrastructure with VS2010 CodedUI and Lab management. Technical meeting automated testing with vs2010 View more presentati... [More]

[Dutch] Sogeti - CIBG - Visual Studio 2010 with TMap processes Referentie Case

Sogeti heeft samen met het CIBG vorig jaar een project uitgevoerd met Visual Studio 2010. De focus lag op de samenwerking tussen ontwikkelaar en tester, het gebruik van Microsoft Test Manager en de TMap proces template. De resultaten zijn door Microsoft beschreven in een referentie case welke hier i... [More]

[Dutch] Webseminar VS2010 ALM MTM Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft

Webseminar Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’ Datum: 8 maart 2011 Tijd: 16.00 – 17.00 uur Sogeti en Microsoft nodigen u uit voor het web seminar ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’. Veel organisaties zijn op zoek naar mogel... [More]

(in dutch) Het vakgebied Testen, De Next step… op de TMap dag

Komende woensdag op de TMap dag geven Ben Visser en ik een workshop over de veranderende rol van de tester [in de Application Lifecycle]. Hier meer info: http://www.tmap.net/Home/TMap/TMap_Dag.jsp en hier aanmelden: Aanmelden TMap Dag 2010

TMap® mit Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 - Scrum 1.0-Prozess-Template

Dieser Artikel erläutert, wie sich TMap-Testprozesse und -Verfahren in das Scrum-Prozess-Template integrieren lassen und wie sie innerhalb von Visual Studio 2010 durchgeführt werden. A German version of the Visual Studio 2010 Scrum with TMap testing practices article is online here [PDF].

Testing in Agile Software Development Environments with TMap NEXT

From www.TMap.NET a more generic story than this past post about VS2010, scrum and testing Structured testing can be perfectly integrated in agile development. Sogeti has written a vision docment intended for everyone with an interest in Sogeti’s vision on testing in relation to the agile manifes... [More]

Agile Test practices with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 [TMap and Scrum]

Often the testing effort in an agile environment is called ‘Agile Testing’. This sounds a bit strange, it almost looks like testing is a separate thing, something special, something you can do or don’t in agile projects. But, testing is nothing more or less a part of the process. Tasks covering test... [More]

Microsoft Testimonial VS2010 Sogeti TMap process template

Just found this small video, Sean McBreen at Microsoft talks about our VS2010 TMap process template… more about Sogeti-Microsoft Alliance can be found here.

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