Microsoft Test Manager - Test Runner–Playback error with C:\fakepath

When executing a test case with Microsoft Test Runner with a step where you have to select a file in a web application, you get “C:\fakepath” for the location of the file you selected. For example in step 4 you need to select an image from the local disk. When you replay this action you get the c:... [More]

Test Automation Investment Levels for VS2010, MTM and CodedUI

With VS2010 ALM you can very easily take a manual test case and turn it in an automated test case. But this isn’t without investment. There are still some additional things to do which take time and money before we get the benefit of automated execution of a test case. These are som... [More]

VS2010 ALM MTLM usages patterns for Windows Azure hosted application development

The deck of my presentation covering VS2010 ALM MTLM usages patterns for Windows Azure hosted application development and the handout/ talk through (in the table below, not a real handout. I’m busy changing it to a more paper style document. But thought I better could start sharing it to gather some... [More]

[Dutch] Sogeti - CIBG - Visual Studio 2010 with TMap processes Referentie Case

Sogeti heeft samen met het CIBG vorig jaar een project uitgevoerd met Visual Studio 2010. De focus lag op de samenwerking tussen ontwikkelaar en tester, het gebruik van Microsoft Test Manager en de TMap proces template. De resultaten zijn door Microsoft beschreven in een referentie case welke hier i... [More]

[Dutch] Webseminar VS2010 ALM MTM Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft

Webseminar Sogeti i.s.m. Microsoft ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’ Datum: 8 maart 2011 Tijd: 16.00 – 17.00 uur Sogeti en Microsoft nodigen u uit voor het web seminar ‘Samenwerking testen en ontwikkeling optimaliseren’. Veel organisaties zijn op zoek naar mogel... [More]

Running Automated Tests on Physical Environments, the different flavors…

There are multiple ways to execute your test automation effort, you can run them from and on Microsoft Test Manager, from and on Visual Studio, during the build and on the Build Server or during the build on Test Agents configured with Test Controllers or … many flavors. so, where should you execute... [More]

CodedUI Test Builder - Crosshair highlights UI Control wrong …

Within Visual Studio you can create UI tests by manual execute the action on the application uner test.   How to: Generate a Coded UI Test by Recording the Application Under Test To add an assertion for the test you can use the crosshair, which selects the UI control and lets you... [More]

MTM Azure Data Diagnostic Adapter a nice ALM for Cloud scenario …

Collect Azure events, performance data and trace logs during test execution and populate them in the test result and bugs reports. So, team members easily can see what happened in the cloud (for any instance) during the test case for faster and better bug solving. Azure logs can get big and fuzzy... [More]

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