Broken leg…

Broke my leg during ice skating last Sunday [see picture]. Had to stay in the hospital for surgery. A nail is put in my bone [see pdf below, also contains operative techniques.. very interesting :-)]. After a few nights I’m back home. Have to recover for several months, the first six weeks I’m not... [More]

Swarm Theory and Architecture Explorer

just for fun… This is an architecture diagram from the TeamArchitect.Modelstore.Interfaces… impressive vsts2010 can render such a diagram. But, also useless for analyzing, although….   It looks like a swarm and there are some theories how these swarms behave… for example this article... [More]

Free Book Download: Collaboration in the Cloud - How cross-boundary collaboration is transforming business

ISBN: 978 90 75414 24 0 Print version available from April 15th. Download pdf here [link below the text]  

Install Windows 7 ISO without DVD writer software but with Virtual PC

Installed Windows 7 Beta 1 this morning just before ice skating  in my backyard.    [click to zoom, the pushpin is where I live at the water and now at the ice… really great, see also picture below]   [Vicky and Abel] Actually I upgraded the 6801 PDC version to the 7000 ver... [More]

Microsoft MVP 2009 Award

Just checking my email [with a little new-years party headache] and found an email in my ‘spambox’ telling me I am awarded with a Microsoft MVP award [Clemens Reijnen: Team System: Architecture]… Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft®... [More]

Upgrade my BlogEngine.NET from 1.x to 1.45

Not everything tweaked as I want… but it looks fine for now. Piece off 1.45 visualized with VSTA2010

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