TFS11 on Azure January 2012 update – request feedback

The latest update on TFS ( see: Team Foundation Service Planned Maintenance Tues Jan 17th ), fixed an issue with builds, they look stable again. And my Azure build service executes them happy. Now its time to expand this scenario with test controllers and test agents for automatic test execution and... [More]

[Dutch] SDN Cloud Edition Special Download

Download de SDN cloud special Met een bijdrage van mij… veel leesplezier

Build Service on Azure connected with Hosted TFS Service on Azure.

Just because it is possible… and that it feels as a good solution. I created an Azure VM Role with a build service (VS11 CTP), configured against the Hosted TFS service.

For example when your team only exists of distributed team members with no central server it now can use the TFS service environment with a build without having to know where it lives. It just feels strange when you’re using a cloud based solution and you still have to install something on premise on a server.


Windows Azure User Group Meeting TFS2010 for Azure Cloud Development Deck.

Presentation covering ALM TFS2010 MTM for Azure Cloud Development given at the 3e Windows Azure User Group Meeting , 26 may 2011 Alm 4 Azure with screenshots View more presentations from Clemens Reijnen.

VS2010 ALM MTLM usages patterns for Windows Azure hosted application development

The deck of my presentation covering VS2010 ALM MTLM usages patterns for Windows Azure hosted application development and the handout/ talk through (in the table below, not a real handout. I’m busy changing it to a more paper style document. But thought I better could start sharing it to gather some... [More]

Vote for Patriek's elevator pitch...Green Computing door Shared Resources by Patriek van Dorp

Vote here so he can present it on the Dutch DevDays: 

MTM Azure Data Diagnostic Adapter a nice ALM for Cloud scenario …

Collect Azure events, performance data and trace logs during test execution and populate them in the test result and bugs reports. So, team members easily can see what happened in the cloud (for any instance) during the test case for faster and better bug solving. Azure logs can get big and fuzzy... [More]

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