Use Azure availability tests and load tests to analyze the decoupling needs of your system (handson).

Azure load testing can set load on your system from any location around the world. Azure availability tests can monitor and analyze the responsiveness of your system anywhere in the world.Interesting capabilities even more interesting when you combine them in an investigation of your system. When yo... [More]

CICD Pipeline for Serverless, release Azure Functions with VSTS.

While Serverless, Azure Functions, are just a few lines of code, they still require a release with all the principles a good pipeline. For example: High quality by default. Work in small batches. Automate repetitive tasks. Continuous improvement. Everyone is responsible. Transparency everywhere. an... [More]

The Cloud tradeoff from a business quality attribute perspective.

Cloud platforms offer many different ways to implement and support business functionality. This business support is the ultimate goal and is leading in how guidelines and rules apply to the implementation choices of cloud solutions. Business support needs of systems are described in functionality an... [More]

CI/CD Pipeline for Angular2 with VSTS.

“Zero touch testing and deployments” is a common DevOps mantra for your continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. Also for you frontend projects. In this post a how to use and configure Visual Studio Team Services for this CI/CD practice on Angular2 projects. Continue readi... [More]

Build, publish and release DotNet Core 1.0.0 apps on Azure Websites with VSTS.

Dotnet core is the new kid in town, ready to build, publish and release. Some background knowledge. Global.json The Global.json holds the version of the dotnet sdk used. See Hanselman’s post on running multiple versions of the sdk. This version needs to be available on compiling on the develop mac... [More]

Build an API platform with Azure

Make your business data and functionality available for internal departments, external business, users and systems. Every company, every department is working on an API strategy and implementation to fulfill the needs of their users, build a digital platform for their business. There are many ways ... [More]

Building a DevOps Assessment tool with VSTS, Azure PaaS and OneShare in minutes.

A few weeks ago we joined a global DevOps hackathon from the Netherlands. Our team, creative named ‘DutchOps’, decided to make a DevOps Assessment tool. The hackathon was mainly about sharing, building and transferring DevOps knowledge.  The System. The realized system is cloud only. A Document... [More]

Azure Dev Test Browser Lab for Visual Studio Team Services. #VSTS #Azure

  With the new Azure DevTest Lab capabilities you can create an artifact repository for your DevTest VM’s. One of the scenarios for this Artifact repository is the Browser Lab. Create artifacts for all browsers you want to validate your system against. Something I already did for you. You... [More]

New release: Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Symbol Set Version 2.3

I’m using the Azure and Office Visio stencils a lot for my blog posts and internal communication. See these post: Dev/Test Lab Management on Azure, what is your test infrastructure  Sogeti O365 Site Provisioning (on GitHub).   Happy to noticed today that an update is released. This upda... [More]

5 Tips, how to survive the rise of the ‘front end’ engineer hipster?

Never a dull moment in software development. You just learned the newest cool framework and before the project is finished it is old again and there is a new kid on the block. Every new project another framework looking for authenticity. From: [More]

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