5 Tips, how to survive the rise of the ‘front end’ engineer hipster?

Never a dull moment in software development. You just learned the newest cool framework and before the project is finished it is old again and there is a new kid on the block. Every new project another framework looking for authenticity. From: http://blog.dmfranc.com/post/113059677461/about-frame... [More]

Fast and Flexible.

Modern businesses need fast and flexible IT. Fast in the realization of systems to stay ahead of the competition. And flexible in the direction the system implementation goes to easily adopt innovations which can bring business benefit. Software dependencies A good practice for software developme... [More]

Testing in one week sprints, hierarchy backlog items and test coverage.

One week sprints are great and bring big benefits to you team and product. The artifacts that are in your system will be; the backlog with nice small backlog. That small that they can be realized in the one week sprint. your sprint will contain a test plan for the sprint, with related product ba... [More]

6 September IASA bijeenkomst in Tilburg - Claim-based security and architectuur

Op 6 september a.s. organiseren we weer voor de derde keer dit jaar een IASA NL event, deze keer met Achmea in Tilburg als gastheer. Het programma begint om 16.00 en ziet er als volgt uit: 16.00 – 17.00 Overzicht IASA NL en IASA trainingen (Dylan van Iersel, Angelo Hulshout) Dylan en Angelo g... [More]

IASA Netherlands Inaugural Event

The Dutch IASA chapter is having their inaugural event in Amersfoort, Netherlands, January 27, 2011, hosted at Sogeti from 4pm-8pm. They will be welcoming active participation across the entire IT architecture profession. For more information on this chapter or for the inaugural event, please visit ... [More]

Alternate Image in Diagrams

For communication with higher level audience you can change default images in the VSTA 2010 diagrams. var dzone_url = 'http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/Alternate-Image-in-Diagrams.aspx'; var dzone_title = 'Alternate Image in Diagrams'; var dzone_blurb = 'Alternate Image in Diagra... [More]

Trends in Software Modeling webcast

As you can see in this post I did worked sometimes during my vacation… and one of the things I did was the recording of this webcast. Learn more about modeling by watching the Trends in Software Modeling [wmv, download] webcast featuring Jeffrey Hammond (Forrester Research... [More]

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