VS2010 Sharing Models and Diagrams

What is the use of models when you can’t share them. In a previous post  [Copy-Past Modeling Diagrams and Modeling Elements within VSTS 2010] I already talked about the copy past capabilities of the models within team architect. Now beta 2 is out, I have to say VS 2010 Ultimate. So, it is possi... [More]

Quick reference poster--the VSTS Rangers “scrumified“ process

from: Certified Scrum Developer course … we can finally remove the duck tape :) The Accentient Scrum Developer course is an intensive five day experience for whole teams of developers. The course teaches teams how to turn product requirements into potentially shippable increments of software usi... [More]

VSTS 2010 TMap process templates infographic

Been playing a bit with the creation of infograpics, this is one I created about VSTS 2010 and TMap, what are the benifits of using them together and how are they connected. This one isn’t finisched / approved yet (so not donwloadable in full format:-), need to change the screenshots and text in ... [More]

VSTS 2010 Test Edition at the TMap® Dag 2009 [Dutch]

Theorie en praktijk wisselen elkaar af met onderwerpen als TMap NEXT®, ketentesten, security testen, Agile testen en nog veel meer actuele onderwerpen. Tijdens de TMap® Dag 2009 wordt het nieuwe boek TPI® NEXT gelanceerd! Een compleet herziene versie van het TPI® model waarin voor het eerst de b... [More]

02: Management, preserving and organization of manual test cases within VSTS 2010.

Part 00: Agile Testing with VSTS 2010 and TMap Part 01: User Stories [current post, removed the Agile Testing blablabla and part pre-fix] This post belongs to the series of “Agile Testing with VSTS 2010 and TMap” although this topic has a wider scope, in used software delivery methodology... [More]

Enrich VSTA 2010 Use case diagram with SketchFlow Screens

A use case diagram visualizes the interaction of an external user with your system. So, you can say that in many situations [cases] that there is a need for an user interface, a screen. Not that strange that RUP connects the user interface designer to use cases. [see image below at the bottom] ... [More]

Agile Testing with VSTS 2010 and TMap: Part 01-User stories

Previous post: Part 00: Agile Testing with VSTS 2010 and TMap … [current post] User stories breakdown... This post is about the work breakdown of user stories during the planning phase of an iteration. [image from the documentation about VSTS 2010 on MSDN, this page] During the ... [More]

Agile Testing with VSTS 2010 and TMap: Part 00

Part, because I’m planning several posts around this topic. 00, because this is the ‘setting the stage’ post… While in the Agile manifesto is written: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” I will cover in the coming posts information how individuals and there interactions are ... [More]

TMap Process Template for VSTS2010 – Short Version

Got way too much comments on the length of the TMap process template ‘overview’ video, I know 38 minutes is long for listing to me, my wife even can hold it for 38 seconds, wen I start talking about my work ;-). So, I made a ‘community cut’, a shorter version with only the highlights of the extended... [More]

TMap Process Template for VSTS2010 - Overview Video

This is an update of the work we have been doing regarding TMap [a widely adopted test approach] and VSTS2010. With the release of Beta1 of VSTS2010 we’ve started to build a TMap test process template. This 38 minutes video recording [silverlight] is an overview of this work in progress. Feel ... [More]

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