Microsoft Test Manager Test Case Specification what kind of action to use

A test step within a test case in Test Manager (MTM) can be a normal action step or a validation action step, and both of them can contain additional information (attachments). See image three steps: normal action step action step with validation normal action step with attachment (validation action step can also contain an attachment) The question is: what kind of action steps do I need to use for my test case… Most often, actually almost always, I see test cases with only validation action steps in MTM. Something like this: You're not alone with only validation action steps, see the test case in these articles and posts, most of them write these kind of test cases ... [More]

CTRL + P in PowerPoint

Pressing Ctrl+P in PowerPoint while in presentation mode shows the pointer… no rocket science. See section Slide Show Controls. But when you press this keyboard combination while the Slide show plays an embedded video (something I often do for demo’s), the video stops playing… magic and very easy. So, when you want to break an embedded video, it’s easier to us the CTRL+P key combination that the mouse. With the mouse you have to search for the pointer (moving your mouse around and around, annoying the public) and click the ‘pause’ button.  Start the video again, when you used the ctrl-p button to stop it, is a easy as clicking the ‘ESC’. Whe... [More]

TMap® mit Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 - Scrum 1.0-Prozess-Template

Dieser Artikel erläutert, wie sich TMap-Testprozesse und -Verfahren in das Scrum-Prozess-Template integrieren lassen und wie sie innerhalb von Visual Studio 2010 durchgeführt werden. A German version of the Visual Studio 2010 Scrum with TMap testing practices article is online here [PDF].

Testing in Agile Software Development Environments with TMap NEXT

From www.TMap.NET a more generic story than this past post about VS2010, scrum and testing Structured testing can be perfectly integrated in agile development. Sogeti has written a vision docment intended for everyone with an interest in Sogeti’s vision on testing in relation to the agile manifesto and, in general, the application of TMap NEXT® in an agile software development environment (ASDE) (this paper does not describe in detail how to use TMap NEXT® together with a specific agile method, like Scrum). In agile processes a number of aspects pose a significant challenge to the traditional view of professional testing: lack of detailed requirements, reduced multipurpose process docume... [More]

Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance … Refresh 1.1 kicking-off on Monday

A nice group of people to work with… The team The team is made up of experts from Microsoft and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), including Randy Miller, Edward Bakker, Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín, Clemens Reijnen, Clementino de Mendonca and Marcel de Vries. On Monday we are kicking off the refresh of the Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance ( No fixed delivery milestones are defined or even considered, instead the team will trickle publish refreshments as they become available, to ensure that the guidance is constantly updated. see Willy’s post for more details Call for action If you are a subject matter ... [More]

[Dutch] Artikel VS2010 Modeling Feature Pack met @EdwB online

  Op de .NET Magazine site staat een artikel van Edward en mij over het  VS2010 Modeling Feature Pack   Bij de ontwikkeling van Visual Studio 2010 heeft Microsoft veel aandacht besteed aan Extensibility. Enerzijds om het mogelijk te maken zelf nieuwe features toe te voegen aan Visual Studio 2010 en anderzijds om het voor de gebruiker eenvoudiger te maken zelf uitbreidingen te ontwikkelen. Dit artikel geeft een introductie van het 'Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack' en de 'Feature Builder Power Tool'. Beide goede voorbeelden van wat er met het Extensibility platform van Visual Studio 2010 kan worden bereikt. Jaargang: 2010 Editie: 3 Auteur: E. Bakke... [More]

Agile Test practices with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 [TMap and Scrum]

Often the testing effort in an agile environment is called ‘Agile Testing’. This sounds a bit strange, it almost looks like testing is a separate thing, something special, something you can do or don’t in agile projects. But, testing is nothing more or less a part of the process. Tasks covering testing activities are executed during a sprint, are planned during a sprint planning meeting and have to follow the basic rules of Scrum. The Visual Studio 2010 Scrum Process Template support agile work, but when teams think about testing as a separate effort, success is far away even when adopting the Scrum Process Template. So, testing practices like those in the TMap Test Approach need to be emb... [More]

Microsoft Testimonial VS2010 Sogeti TMap process template

Just found this small video, Sean McBreen at Microsoft talks about our VS2010 TMap process template… more about Sogeti-Microsoft Alliance can be found here.

Certified as Professional Scrum Developer Trainer

Seconds before I left for vacation I got this notification from Congratulations!  You have just joined an elite team of trainers that will be offering the official VS2010 training to software developers around the world.  Some more info about the ‘Professional Scrum Developer Program’ can be found on MSDN and on

Channel 9 video series: UML with VS2010 very nice series of video’s explaining usages scenario’s for UML within VS2010 Part 1: Brainstorming a Project Part 2: Organizing Features Into Use Cases Part 3: Modeling the Business Domain Part 4: Capturing Business Workflows Part 5: Architecting an Application Part 6: Designing a Project's Physical Structure Part 7: Sketching Interactions with Sequence Diagrams Part 8: Revealing Responsibilities with Class Diagrams Part 9: Organizing and Managing Your Models

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