Engineering World: A unique congress with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM

Saturday I joined a congress organized by Sogeti Netherlands and here most important partners "Microsoft, Oracle and IBM". It happens not that often that they join the same congress. Although, it was the first sunny day within weeks and it was on a Saturday, there where about 130 till 150 people attending the congress. The program was great with Scott Ambler and the Playlogic Game Factory as keynote speakers and  during the day topics like: Modernizing of Enterprise Applications Business Intelligence out of the box Java en Concurrency Second Life Scripting Language EGL, new kid on the block? Uniface, the 4GL language Secured Application Development MS Visual Studio Team Syste... [More]

Use Groove for easy document management within SharePoint

The default SharePoint interface is a little bit time consuming for heavy users, for example I must make at least 5 clicks to add a new folder, the same amount for uploading a document and login two times if I want to edit a document. (and don't forget all the work you must do when adding a new blogpost with pictures... I use Windows Live Writer ;-)   When you use Groove's functionality to synchronize workspaces with SharePoint libraries, you only have to: Right click "add folder", right click "add document", "double click open document"... and after you are finished editing, adding, etc... just click synchronize and your done. Works almost the same as your Windows Explorer..! And w... [More]

Design for Operations, new release

Just watched Keith Pleas demonstrating the coming release of DFO on dnrTV, "Keith Pleas shows Design for Operations". Still not available, but will soon be on,'m curious if there will be sources available this time, so I can play with this scenario. UpdateStay tuned for a major update to the designer.As of 2/3/2008 we are still blocked waiting on the release of Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) V1.4. No ETA yet.New features include:1) Improved model and user experience.2) Limited support for Enterprise Library Logging.3) Native support for model export to System Center Operations Manager Management Packs.4) Support for existing applications through MSIL sc... [More]

Creating Secure Services, with Visual Studio Team Architect and the Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition

  Making secure is hard from a technology point of view. As Juval Lowy is saying in this MSDN article: Security is by far the most intricate area of the Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF). In every WCF operation call on the service side, security is governed by the service contract, the operation contract, the fault contract (if present), the service behavior, the operation behavior, the host configuration, and the method configuration and its code. Each of these items may have as many as a dozen or more security-related properties... And it's hard from a process point of view, also known as SD3+C. [The New Threat Modeling Process]You must get executive support [not always that ea... [More]

How To Fire a Guidance Package Recipe from the Implement Application Feature of Team Architect.

Post #01 of a collection of posts with some more technical details about the creation of richer implementations with Visual Studio Team Architect. The Start: Fire a Recipe, Wizard or something else when initiating the "Implement Application" feature from the Application Diagram. There is only one place where you can change the behavior of this feature and that is in the properties window of the selected shape. You can change the the template it uses to implement the application. Select: "Custom Template..." So, we have to focus on templates [vstemplate] if we want something else to happen. Beside the fundamental elements "TemplateData" and "TemplateContent" where you can specify the file... [More]

Panoramic Seattle with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Visited Redmond this week for some meetings and did some Seattle sightseeing on Sunday morning. This picture is made with the panoramic feature from Windows Live Photo Gallery [29 images with my camera on Hi-motor drive] looks really nice..! You can find the big one on my Flickr site.

Xcopy is deprecated, please use Robocopy

Robocopy: "Robust File Copy", is a command-line folder replication tool. It was available as part of the Windows Resource Kit, and introduced as a standard feature of Windows Vista. Robocopy is designed for reliable mirroring of folders or folder trees. It has features to ensure all NTFS attributes and properties are copied, and includes additional restart code for network connections subject to disruption. Robocopy is notable for capabilities above and beyond the built-in Windows COPY and XCOPY commands

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