The ALM Man…

Very funny… A 10 minute guide to how software applications are developed var dzone_url = ''; var dzone_title = 'The ALM Man…'; var dzone_blurb = 'The ALM Man…'; var dzone_style = '1';

Dutch Open Space Code Day 2009

Open space code is an hands-on programming event following the open space format. The concept was stolen (with permission) from Open space events are more free form than normal conferences, with all the interactivity mostly found in coffee breaks at normal conferences but a lot more content. Mostly they're just great fun. Announcements will be posted on this website and on this twitter account @openspacecodenl, if you want to attend send an email at The target date is Saturday the 6th of June 2009 from 9.00 to 17.30, the target location is in Den Haag near the A4 but hasn't been confirmed yet.var dzone_url = 'ht... [More]

This title has not yet been released.

but you can pre-order it ;-) other book news from Sogeti and co-author Sander is the release of the English edition of “MeTheMedia”. Free for download.. here  var dzone_url = ''; var dzone_title = 'This title has not yet been released.'; var dzone_blurb = 'This title has not yet been released.'; var dzone_style = '1';

Application Lifecycle Management and a Collaborative Culture.

I had some interesting discussion last week about working together and ALM, based on what I wrote in this post Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Episode 3: The Lifecycle; Tools can help with this goal. Having gear in place which supports and stimulates collaboration is a driver for a successful Application Lifecycle Management. But without a plan, how people should collaborate and communicate, tools are useless. Now I’m not a Team Dynamics nor a behavioral specialist. But, I did some investigation according these topics past year for the Cloud Collaboration Book we have written. A big word in the Book TagCloud is ‘Collaboration’ [made by]   So, I thought [also as a... [More]

Microsoft-applicatieplatform congress

One more congress where I speak… Track C on the second day is the VSTS2010 track, that's where we [Marcel, Pieter and I]  are speaking about VTS 2010. dzone_url = ''; var dzone_title = 'Microsoft-applicatieplatform congress'; var dzone_blurb = 'Microsoft-applicatieplatform congress'; var dzone_style = '1';

Dutch-Information-Worker-User-Group Presentation.

TagCloud of my presentation for this evening at DIWUG… Serge is the other speaker and is going to speak about MS-Online. Its also the TagCloud from the book we have written, will be available with in weeks… var dzone_url = ''; var dzone_title = 'Dutch-Information-Worker-User-Group Presentation.'; var dzone_blurb = 'Dutch-Information-Worker-User-Group Presentation.'; var dzone_style = '1';

April 9th 2009: Knowing Your Enemy. OWASP Meeting at Sogeti Netherlands

April 9th 2008: Knowing Your Enemy If you want to attend, please send a email to OWASP@irc2.nI 18.30 - 19:00 Introduction, OWASP organization, projects, sponsor 19.00 - 19.45 Modern information gathering; how to abuse search engines by Dave van Stem Great generals already know the key to success is "knowing your enemy". In hacking terms this is called information gathering, fingerprinting or reconnaissance. Traditionally this phase consisted of using public records like WHOIS and DNS combined with active scans on servers. With the rise of advanced search engines like Yahoo, Live Search and Google a whole new type of reconnaissance has come to live; passive reconnaissance. ... [More]

Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Episode 3: The Lifecycle

Previous episodes: Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Episode 1: A Focus on Testing Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Episode 2: No Risk No Test In the last episode Rob talked about the main challenges of testing, and not only for the acceptance tester but all the roles who are responsible for the quality of the product and that's actually everybody. No Risk- No Test… what needs to be tested, when there is no business risk there is no reason to test, no reason to make unit tests by the developer, no reason to make regression tests and no reason to do acceptance testing. But when there is a risk every role has the goal of making that... [More]

Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Episode 1: A Focus on Testing

This series will focus on the test roll; which flavors are there, what do they do, what are their goals, what do they do to reach that goal, how do they collaborate with other rolls and in what way does VSTS 2010 support their activities. [More]

Alternate Image in Diagrams

For communication with higher level audience you can change default images in the VSTA 2010 diagrams. var dzone_url = ''; var dzone_title = 'Alternate Image in Diagrams'; var dzone_blurb = 'Alternate Image in Diagrams'; var dzone_style = '1';

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