Attending this week [a full seven day week] two amazing courses from, with the goal to become a scrum developer trainer… Professional Scrum Developer Team-based training for Agile software developers Scrum in Depth Advanced class for ScrumMasters So, expect some more scum related posts in the future

Visual Studio Architecture Guidance - Use UML Models for Testing

To promote our ranger work a bit more… I want to high light a specific scenario… create tests from UML models. I already played with this scenario from an automation perspective 2 years ago, when VS2010 was still in CTP. [see the bad quality video, already watched more as 17.000 time ] Generate Testcases Anyway, there are two common test design techniques that are used to specify test cases based on UML. The first is the Process cycle test[1] (PCT) which uses UML activity diagrams. The other one is Use Case Test[2] (UCT) which is based on Use Case diagrams. Still on my backlog to make a fully working automation for these [waiting for Feature Builder to go RTM]. But, you also can d... [More]

Business Driven Test Management with Microsoft Test Manager

I’m using the image below, more and more to explain the flow of test case management, see for an in depth explanation. The fun part is on there is the ‘old’ [tool agnostic image, excel version] image and on codeplex you can find the VS2010 ALM version.   A nice comparison / proof MTM covers most important test case management processes necessary to execute a Business Driven Test approach. And, making the manual mapping processes found in the ‘old’ image on easier to maintain.

Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Architecture Guidance gets “thumbs up”

Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling Guidance Practical guidance for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, focused on modeling tools. These release includes common usage scenarios, hands on labs and lessons learnt from the community discussions. The scenarios include understanding and reverse engineering an existing solution or starting a new solution from scratch. These are both common challenges that any dev lead or architect faces. The intent is not to give you an in-depth tour of the product features, but to present you with examples that show how these tools can support you in real world scenarios, and to provide you with practical guidance and checklists. This guidance is focused on practic... [More]

TechEd 2010- Requirements Management

Beside that this session was really interesting, Lori also uses some nice pictures… Slide from the deck of Lori Lamkin’s session during TechEd 2010. (do you recognize the laptop :-) Watch the session at this location.


22 juni 2010 Seminar - DYA|Software ‘Architectuuraanpak voor bedrijfskritische applicaties’

In september 2010 komt het boek “DYA|Software – Architectuuraanpak voor bedrijfskritische applicaties” uit. DYA|Software is de nieuwste telg in de DYA|Suite. Softwarearchitectuur speelt een belangrijke rol in de vorming van het applicatielandschap. Het applicatielandschap van elke organisatie toont veel overeenkomsten, toch zit de toegevoegde waarde van het landschap in de zaken die uniek zijn. De architectuur van een landschap borgt de bedrijfskritische eigenschappen van de applicaties. DYA|Software biedt technieken om een goede architectuur te definiëren, te vormen en toe te passen. Tijdens het seminar delen we onze ervaring uit de praktijk met u en leert u: dat Sogeti een aanpak ... [More]

video: 101 bug dev test collaboration scenario…

Second 101 demo, a basic developer test collaboration scenario. thx for watching… see for more details

video: Basic Test Specification and Execution scenario

So happy with my renewed Camtasia Studio 7 license…  that I thought lets share some demo’s I created. This first one is a basic 101 test specification and test execution scenario. thx for watching… see for more details

Sogeti TMAP process template certified and ready

cross post from Mattias Sköld. Today we finalized the RTM version of our TMAP process template and it will soon be available for free download from the official TMAP.Net site (direct link to download Certified process template Sogeti's TMAP template has as the first template passed the new Visual Studio Certified Process Templates Program announced by Microsoft and can therefore use the new Certified process template logo. If you want to know more about the certification program Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson has a post on the details. The TMAP template will continue to develop and improve on codeplex. You... [More]

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