1 Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Agile TMap _ The QUALITY A-Z Roadshow

The QUALITY A-Z Roadshow: A full day overview, with demo’s and real world experiences of all the testing capabilities of Microsoft Visual Studio and needed testing practices. 1: Keynote: The Value of Quality 01 the value of quality from Clemens Reijnen 2: Test Planning 3: Test Specification and Execution 4: Test Controlling and Reporting 5: Test Infrastructure and Virtualization 6: Operations Integration Feel free to ping me if you want to have these sessions delivered at your company.   Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentN... [More]

11 Tips for Getting Testing Done in the Sprint

Tips: 01. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint - The Team and Activities 02. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Regression Test Sets 03. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Test Automation 04. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Undone Backlog Item 05. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – No Double, Triple Testing 06. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – PBI Implementation Sequence 07. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Risk and Business driven Tests 08. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Write Logical Acceptance Tests 09. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Test Tasks on the Board 10. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – the Definition of Done ... [More]

The New Normal: Development in Today’s Organizations

On channel 9 … spreading the word

Sogeti “Technology Outlook 2013”

The Sogeti “Technology Outlook 2013” presents what we believe this year will be made of. Not only does it list 12 promising trends, it also provides you with a broader frame to understand what is at stake and how they actually relate. This document is the outcome of a collaborative effort by our SogetiLabs, gathering our most distinguished technology leaders. Download The SogetiLabs Technology Outlook 2013 is available for download in the Sogeti online bookstore: http://www.ict-books.com/books/inspiration-trends/tech-outlook-2013-print-detail General trends Overviewing the technology side, we see this interest in the human factor as well: the interest of our clients is moving awa... [More]

Sharepoint Social Intranet [Dutch]

SSI een Sharepoint implementatie van Sogeti, Verhoog productiviteit en verbeter samenwerking. Kijk hier voor meer informatie http://ssip.azurewebsites.net/  Kijk ook om het boek ‘the Connected Workforce’ the downloaden. Making Your Digital Transformation Work Where will you be five years from now? What great successes will your company achieve in the coming years? There will be a lot of pressure on organizations, from changing demographics, a changing economy and very competitive market circumstances. Whatever the future may hold, one thing is certain: the digital element will play an important role. It will be an integral part of how you operate, innovate, collaborate and comm... [More]

Free book: The Connected Workforce. Making your Digital Transformation Work

A book written by Sogeti together with Microsoft and Capgemini Consulting, detailing the why and how of embracing digital technology for maximum results. Within The Connected Workforce, experts provide effective strategies for facilitating a digital transformation within the enterprise while still maximizing existing technology investments. The book also includes a roadmap on how to get there, from building your vision to the execution of projects that excite and energize both clients and employees alike. “We describe how to be smart and agile, accelerate innovation, cut down silos and become a more social company”. Co-author Erik van Ommeren, Sogeti “In a digital world, companie... [More]

Windows 8 Store App – Dutch railroad travel planner video’s

Below some video’s of a personal Windows 8 project. A perfect exercise for creating small backlog items and tasks, most work I did was while waiting on airports and in planes. I created in TFS just small enough tasks so I could fulfill one or two at an airport (1 max 2 hour). Anyway, this is the result. There are still some bpi’s on the backlog and all feedback is welcome.       Over view route advice capabilities Get Wiki Station Info, delays, maintenance and departure times. Pin station to start. How to: take travel info offline while on the ‘rails’ Save search criteria You can find the app here: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/nl-NL/... [More]

Windows 8 Dutch Train Planner App

The Dutch Train Planner App uses Bing Maps to plan and visualize your train journey.  http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/train-planner-netherlands/44411226-647f-43d3-b709-d26eda52e426   Enter video caption here Usages The App has two entry points, the main entry is searching for travel advices the second is information about your current journey. Search for travel advices. When opening the App a map is shown with all the train stations in the Netherlands, zoomed at your current location. Selecting one will popup the travel planner, where you can select if this station is the ‘From’ (green) or ‘To’ station (Blue). Or, get information about departing train from t... [More]

Not a Windows 8 machine, but you do want to start creating Store Apps … the possibilities.

There are two good workarounds when you want to start playing/ learning to develop Windows 8 Store Apps, but you aren’t able to due to a machine limitations or company policies.    1: Windows 8 Virtual Labs The first is accessible for everybody, but a bit limited. Microsoft provides several virtual labs with exercises a good starting point. The only limitation is that you can’t save your work, so creating something for yourself isn’t possible.   labs for C# and JavaScript at Windows 8 Virtual Labs Lab 1 for C# - Creating a Windows 8 App Lab 2 for C# - Orientation, Snapping, and Semantic Zoom Lab 3 for C# - Searching and Sharing Lab 4 for C# - App Bars an... [More]

Hands-on Visual Studio 2012 Workshops - What to do with your free Azure MSDN subscription.

I run workshops. Instead of boring lectures, I give the attendees the opportunity to get real hands-on experience and feel the scenario instead of listing only. Specially the Visual Studio 2012 ALM scenario’s are really nice, the attendees work together on a scenario like: code review, feedback, agile planning and testing.   I run these workshops with Azure Virtual Machines, every attendee has it’s own environment on Azure prepared and configured by me for that specific workshop. After I created an image (see: How to Capture an Image of a Virtual Machine) one day ahead of the workshop, I start creating Azure VM’s just before the workshop starts (see: Create a Virtual Machine)... [More]

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