Software Factories, a live and kicking..!

With the relaese of the new Microsoft Software Factory Initiative team blog and the post "Software Factories 2.0" from Jack Greenfield is the Software Factories Initative back again [never went a way actually...]. Anyway, to stay updated... subscribe to these blogs: Adventures In SoftwareLand Mich... [More]

How To Collect Data from the Application Diagram to create WSSF Service Models

Post #02 of a collection of posts with some more technical details about the creation of richer implementations with Visual Studio Team Architect. This is post 1: How To Fire a Guidance Package Recipe from the Implement Application Feature of Team Architect. [Dynamic System, Lorenz attractor] Fir... [More]

Finally the GAX/GAT February 2008 Final Release

GAX/GAT February 2008 Final Release The Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) expands the capabilities of Visual Studio by allowing architects and developers to run guidance packages, such as those included in Software Factories, which automate key development tasks from within the Visual Studio e... [More]

Design for Operations, new release

Just watched Keith Pleas demonstrating the coming release of DFO on dnrTV, "Keith Pleas shows Design for Operations". Still not available, but will soon be on,'m curious if there will be sources available this time, so I can play with this scenario. UpdateStay tuned ... [More]

Team Factories

I think one piece of the slide says enough. more picture here on Flickr...

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