Visual Studio 2010 [formerly known as Rosario] Video’s

A lot of video’s on Channel 9 about VS2010 and a nice thing… they us the newest bits for it. So, watching them give a nice insight in where Rosario is going. Architecture Day (Tuesday, September 30th): - Cameron Skinner: Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Architecture - "Top-down"... [More]

How to create a Visio Importer for Team Architect Rosario

First a small video to show how it works, second some explanation how to do it… Demo… [recorded with camstudio and my birthday present ;-) ] You can download the video from my SkyDrive   How to make one yourself… I think Visio isn’t the only format you want to import so h... [More]

Rosario – Import Visio documents in the diagrams.

Had some fun last weekend and past evenings with Rosario, DSL’s and Visio. When you read the MSDN forums about Visio, Modeling and Tools, Team Architect and Rosario you see that there are often questions about Visio and the need for export functionality… see this search result list and these threa... [More]

Rosario – Create Custom Team Architect UML Diagram-MenuItems

There are many ways, maybe to many, to extend Visual Studio.  Macros, AddIns, VSPackages, [see: Visual Studio Extensibility Demystified] GAT-GAX, et cetera and now with Rosario we get even more ways with new features like the Architecture Explorer [see Create your own Progression Provider post]... [More]

Rosario – Project Estimating with Team Architect Diagrams

An idea [and early implementation ] of our “Enable ALM by Automation” vision within Rosario. While VSTS with TFS is great in measuring, time tracking, project planning and other project management kind of tasks it misses the early phase where the project team needs to estimates the project. With... [More]

Rosario – Create your own Progression Provider

What Progression Providers? I mean those commands in the Architecture Explorer. For example the “Insert into Active Diagram” command which generates a sequence diagram from the selected method or the “Save as XPS…”. And just because Visual Studio is extensible from top to bottom it should be... [More]

My CodeGeneration Presentation

Instead of just publisching the deck, I made a kind of storyboard, with links for further reading, of my session…      Introduction, see the About Me page, still have to update this. Beside introduce my self also setting the stage. TAP project... [More]

At Cambridge for Code Generation 2008

Just arrived in beautiful Cambridge for three days of talking about “Code Generation”. The main players in the field of model driven development will be present at this event. So, it’s going to be interesting. I attended this event past year and really liked it. For those who don’t follow this blo... [More]

TechEd Keynote Video

No need to go to conferences anymore… ;-) here is the video [asx] Team Archiitect with Brian starts at minute 43. As I wrote in this post: “I'm curious what he really said…” I can say now, after I watched the complete keynote… he did’nt talk about UML in relation to Oslo. Not that important, ju... [More]

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