Live Mesh, The Emperor's New Groove...

Just watch Walt Disney's Dumbo with Abel and in the previews there was this... I had to think about Ray Ozzie and Live Mesh... I'm not the only one when you read the comments in this post "Ray Ozzie delivers with Live Mesh" from Scobleizer: Sounds “groove-y.”Groove++ ? Mesh is Groove scaled up &... [More]

SaaS, Offline SaaS, S+S does it offers what we need..?

I wanted to post this blog for a while now, as a follow up for the previous one about S+S and SaaS. Actually I was thinking about skipping it, just because it got too long and I did wrote it as an exercise for some other work. Anyway, with the release / announcement of Live Mesh the topic is news ev... [More]

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