3 Challenges when Testing from and on the Cloud.

When adopting the Cloud for your test work it comes with several challenges. Looking at the different usages flavors of the cloud for teams, read: Cloud usage flavors for Development and Test teams, then every flavors has its own challenges. Challenge 1: Team Workspace in the Cloud – Test Environment On Premise. The scenario is that the team adopted Team Member Workspace on Azure, but the infrastructure (test environments) are staying on-premise. The planning, preparation, specification and execution of the test work takes place on the team member workstation which is hosted in the Cloud. The challenges is that the execution of test are triggered from the public cloud and the test run... [More]

Cloud usage flavors for Development and Test teams.

The cloud for teams have many forms. Teams can simply use a virtual machine on Azure to work from, the team member workspace flavor as I call it. Or, they can use the bug tracking database, requirements management, and scrum board from the Cloud. In either a SaaS way, like Visual Studio Online (www.VisualStudio.com) or as an IaaS solution (see Practical guidance for TFVC and TFS on Azure IaaS). Both are the ALM infrastructure in the cloud flavor of Cloud usages by teams. Another way teams can use the Cloud for their work is that they use it for their Development and Test Infrastructures. For example, when you develop a system for an On-Premise SharePoint farm team members need to hav... [More]

Visual Studio Online Rest API introduction and sample on GitHub.

Visual Studio Online opens its chest with APIs, with this creating an open platform for managing team work and collaboration. An open Application Lifecycle Management platform, for everybody to use, consume and integrate. Not only Rest APIs for project artifacts are available, also a notification mechanism via Service Hooks is. In this post an overview of the Rest APIs supported by examples and a solution, in the next one an introduction to Service Hooks. You can get the source over here on GitHub VSOTeams-Universal-App (this small project I created when we moved to Azure AD to get all our VSO users in an Excel file, with license information and mail to add them in bulk to Azure AD. No... [More]

Add an existing Office 365 Azure Active Directory to your Azure Subscription.

Managing your Office 365 users via the Azure management portal works great. (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/hh967632.aspx) Also connecting applications (web or native) to the Azure Active Directory is perfect for the sign-on experience of the user. Connect So, you want to add your existing Office 365 Azure Active Directory to your Azure Subscription. It is ‘add’ because the underlying directory for Office 365 is already an Azure Active Directory. This means that you only can add this directory to your Azure Subscription. While most samples / explanations let you create either a new Azure Subscription or Office 365 account. Managing Windows Azure AD from the... [More]

Visual Studio Online Team Rooms on WP8, iPhone and Android with Xamarin Forms.

A small  (Monday evening now, so a bit extended) weekend project, due to the contest announcement from Xamarin. A Xamarin 3 Forms project for Visual Studio Online Teams. Stay up to date what happens in your project with build runs, code changes, work item changes and chat with you team members. Available on three mobile platforms, iPhone, Windows Phone 8 and Android. You can get the source over here on GitHub VSOTeamsX   The solution is build on top of the Scott Hanselman example,  together with some examples from Xamarin. All logic is in the Shared Project and in the following Nuget packages: Json.net http://james.newtonking.com/json (can’t live without it) Micr... [More]

Integrate Azure, Visual Studio Online and Office 365 with VSO Rest APIs.

With the just released Visual Studio Online Rest APIs you can do some wonderful things. For example: We create a solution to support project teams who use Azure for their development and test activities. Teams who use Visual Studio Online for their ALM infrastructure and Azure VMs for their Development and Test environments (as most Sogeti Teams do :-). The challenges when running heavy cloud based teams like this, is that you want to let them use the Azure and Visual Studio Online resources as efficient as possible. Give them easy to use features to create Development and Test Environments is key. But, also too often VMs keep running for weeks, while no test runs or any code change / ... [More]

The missing knowledge of testers in modern app development.

The game has changed for testers, they need to extend their basic testing skills when they want to stay valuable. As other team members, testers need to be a full member of the team with the current skill set this isn’t. While supporting teams for a long time in delivering software I noticed I’m always teaching new ‘test’ team members the same skills. Skills a new team member actually already should have had before entering the team room. A small list.   Agile knowledge. Knowledge about agile work in teams is the minimal a test team member should have. When they fail a basic assessment like the Scrum.org open assessment ( https://www.scrum.org/Assessments/Open-Assessments/Scrum-... [More]

DECK: Azure for Teams

More business value with fast and flexible teams. The deck I used (parts of it) at different conferences. Azure for software development teams from Clemens Reijnen Corresponding posts: Fast and Flexible. Fast and Flexible with Dev and Test Platforms as a Service. First meaningful activity. Team Member IDE in the Cloud, more possibilities... Complete Team Things to think of when using Team Member IDE on Azure, networks.

My Garmin Forerunner 405 died today.

I think it is the battery which didn’t charge properly any more. The Forerunner 405, it was my first wearable device, connected with the internet. I also got the Heart Rate Monitor, the Foot Pod and the Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor sensors. Too much fun all these sensors when running. All these hypes now days around wearable computing sounds a bit strange to me, it was already there five years ago. In what stone age have all these analysts lived these years. For sure they aren’t runners, they would have know better. It is funny when I think back about a talk I had after I bought this Garmin device about logging my activities the guy was amazed I logged everything, he is now wearing a Fit... [More]

Things to think of when using Team Member IDE on Azure, networks.

Azure for Teams Having Team Member IDE’s on Azure provides create benefit for teams in moving fast and staying flexible. But there are still some items you have to think of when start adopting it, networks being connected is an important one: Network. You never ever develop or work in isolation. Especially with the heterogenic systems we build now a days. So, being connected with the world from your Azure hosted Visual Studio IDE is a must. For example, the SQL Server database you are consuming in your App is in the local data center. You need a connection to that datacenter from your Azure environment. You can create a Site-to-Site VPN, for connecting datacenters to an Azure sit... [More]

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