Practices Checker

Very nice, going to use this today with some old projects, scary... patterns & practices Practices Checker is a tool that helps you verify your applications against the patterns & practices performance recommendations for ASP.NET applications. - J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Paul Bates, Sean Thompson, Brad Linscott Possible next step… Add it to your build process or add it to your model validation or add you own rules or throw away the book.

The Greenfield

Played today with some thoughts about "greenfield", "brownfield", the Service Factory and Team Architect. I think many people who are willing to use the service factory, already have build services and who are willing to use Team Architect allready build applications :-) So, when you start using it at your development department, you must also think about those “brownfield” applications. I don’t think you are going to build only new “greenfield” services from scratch… So, some possible “brownfield” scenarios: A software solution already in production and there is a need to upgrade, for example from .NET 1.1 to ... [More]

Service Factory Modeling Edition Extensibility, Regenerate Service Model

What I want: Generate a service contract model from the application diagram, with the ability to regenerate the service contract model. The first part of the addition / changing of the service factory I finished a few days ago. And I’m pretty happy about it. Still some problems and fine tuning to do, but no stoppers. So, today another challenge. This scenario would only work when there is the ability to regenerate the service model from the application diagram without losing the information / the settings the “service modeler” has made. So, what kind of settings should be set at service model level and what kind of settings belong to the application diagram leve... [More]

Service Factory @ Application Designer

I planned this for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, but the Service Factory isn’t available for Beta 2, yet. So, this implementation is still on VS2005. Should be no problem to change it in the future. Anyway, as I mention in a previous post, Team Architect lets you focus on the system design and the connections between them. With a Top-Down-Design approach you can model your system [system of systems / applicationlandscape] and fine-tune the details during the design without technology details. In the current versions of Team Architect [VS2005 and VS2008] the lowest model in the Top-Down-Design is the Application Diagram not that low and not low enough for code generation [although I ma... [More]

DSL Tools and Visual Studio eXtensibility

A forum post from Gareth: DSL Tools and Visual Studio Extensibility forums merging... And now it's wating for the "Guidance Automation Toolkit" forum to merge in that one. I allready had merged then on one IGoogle page ;-) Anyway... good job

Top-Down System Design by Delegating Behavior

From the VS Team Architect Blog. Delegation makes it possible for you to define systems at higher levels of abstraction and progressively refine them until you end up with concrete applications. This is a nice feature, not only because it will help Top-Down-Design but it will also add some flexibility at the requirment [service contract] gathering level.         Technorati Tags: visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects

A Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects Orcas Project Walkthrough

A small [I hope not to big] walkthrough of how you can work with Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects [VSTESA] Orcas, the PowerTool and some extra extensions [see this blogpost and this one]. First what kind a project we are working on. The project is a new front-end for an existing backend system. The purpose of the application is to support the manual entry of scanned data, while guiding the user using a workflow based on a variable product structure. The application has its own database, but relies heavily on interfaces to five other backend systems. The application has four goals: Fast introduction of new products. Generic handling per ... [More]

GAX/GAT July 2007 Released

See this post from Grigori Melnik: New GAX/GAT July 2007 Released. Nice, this is where I've been waiting for. Time to change the codegeneration behind the application designer to use the GAX. It will make my life much easier. The next step in the application designer customization is add WSSF V3 to it. I think P&P is changing WSSF V3 at this moment to run on this new GAX, I see no other reason why they are waiting that long with a new drop [pretty quite from a month now]. But first two weeks vacation with Abel en Vicky!

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