DSI, OSLO and Models in the Lifecycle. Get Prepared..!

OSLO vs DSI vNext. There is lot of buzz around Oslo and it looks like all the ideas around this concept are completely new. But when you take a look at the vision behind Oslo it's not that new, it's acutely the next step to maturity of Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Imitative [DSI] from a few years ago. What is OSLO? From http://www.microsoft.com/soa/products/oslo.aspx... Making a new class of model-driven and service-enabled applications mainstream. Deliver a world class and mainstream modeling platform that helps the roles of IT collaborate and enables better integration between IT and the business. The modeling platform enables higher level description... [More]

Heroes Happen

Just before my traveling time they made this small video about our case study in Belgium. Strange to look at this while I'm already deep-diving in Rosario... and also again very strange to see my self on screen talking. Anyway, take a good look.. you don't see me that often with a tie

Testing in the Lifecycle [ALM]... a focus on automation

When looking at all the available Testing Tools [for automation] and Test-Management Tools [for control]. You can conclude that there is a lot of help for automation and monitoring of testing, but not really helpful in the ALM. ALM and Automation. One of the important parts of ALM is the connection between the different lifecycle tools. For example, design artifacts can / must work together with coding tools, they must give the developer a kind of skeleton and give boundaries within they can start building the solution [ the application diagram together with the service factory for example]. Forrester describes ALM in this paper [The Changing Face Of Application Life-Cycle Managem... [More]

ALM Congress

Today I'm going to speak at a Microsoft ALM Congress in the Netherlands. Just looked at the conference site and the heading is a bit funny. ALM IN ONE DAY. READY... hopefully the attendees not going to think you can implement ALM within one day ;-) Anyway, it's going to be an interesting day Ajoy is going to speak. Met him in Redmond, two weeks ago [he reads this blog..! thanks, Ajoy ] and Ivar Jacobson also has a keynote.

Microsoft VSTS Laptop Skins

Last week at the Rosario TAP Kickoff we got a VSTS Laptop Skin. It's removable and the perfect background for more stickers... Other ideas on laptop decoration can be found here.

Visual Studio 2008 Features: Code Metrics

Some information from the help file: Code metrics is a set of software measures that provide developers better insight into the code they are developing. By taking advantage of code metrics, developers can understand which types and/or methods should be reworked or more thoroughly tested. Development teams can identify potential risks, understand the current state of a project, and track progress during software development. Lets see if I can figure out if one implementation is better than the other with the help of this Code Metrics feature.I've used a few UI [WinForm] applications with the use of different patterns and implementation styles. This UI has got some basic functionality: loo... [More]

Software plus Services [S+S] vs Software as a Services [SaaS] "The Battle"

Just finished creating a SharePoint site for some international collaboration work and meanwhile Google launches Google Sites. Not that I'm thinking to switch to Google sites. But it's getting more and more interesting what's happening in the Cloud. On one hand we've got S+S, some services in the cloud and some services on-premise, and on the other hand you got SaaS, everything in the cloud. Not that exciting. Although, when you start reading all the comments people make why they want to use on thing over the other, it's getting interesting. For example a post from Phil Wainewright called Microsoft’s software-plus-Yahoo! play where he uses the old "Microsoft buys everything" ideas aroun... [More]

Off from some quality time and a lot of traveling

While everywhere around the world the launch events {HEROES} are taking place, I'm preparing myself for some traveling around the globe. In the Netherlands {Heros} will take place on the 6the of March and in Belgium the 11 till 13 March [funny: every country has a different site]. I'm not attending but will be present with the Team Architect case study. Last Monday I had a whole day video shooting in Brussels for the launch video in Belgium/ Luxembourg and a peer is going to give the Team Architect presentation in the Netherlands. Don't feel sorry for me, I'm going to have some really good quality time with my family in the Alps, finally I can use my K2 Mnt. Bakker telemark skies again. ... [More]

How To Collect Data from the Application Diagram to create WSSF Service Models

Post #02 of a collection of posts with some more technical details about the creation of richer implementations with Visual Studio Team Architect. This is post 1: How To Fire a Guidance Package Recipe from the Implement Application Feature of Team Architect. [Dynamic System, Lorenz attractor] First you have to understand System Definition Model (SDM). SDM is part of the overall Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) from Microsoft. The Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) is a commitment from Microsoft and its partners to help IT teams capture and use knowledge to design more manageable systems and automate ongoing operations, resulting in reduced costs and more time to proactively focus on what i... [More]

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