New Laptop == new Laptop Skin

My new T61, my new Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 the new LaptopSkin from Gelaskin and on the background our really old stylish AGA cooker. I'm ready for work again...  

TechEd News - UML on tap in Oslo SOA modeler

Not that I'm at the TechEd US, but just read this article "Outgoing Bill Gates says UML on tap in Oslo SOA modeler". Two quotes: Microsoft will incorporate UML as part of its effort to create its Oslo unified modeling environment for SOA, Chairman Bill Gates told attendees at TechEd 2008 for Developers in Orlando, Fla. The company also confirmed that it expected the first Oslo Community Technology Preview (CTP) would be released at the PDC in September. Gates also disclosed that UML will be part of Visual Studio 10. The reappearance of the general-purpose industry standard UML for modeling in the flagship products in Microsoft's developer line comes after several years of emphasis on speci... [More]

Software Factories, a live and kicking..!

With the relaese of the new Microsoft Software Factory Initiative team blog and the post "Software Factories 2.0" from Jack Greenfield is the Software Factories Initative back again [never went a way actually...]. Anyway, to stay updated... subscribe to these blogs: Adventures In SoftwareLand Michael G. Lehman Jezz Santos Edward Bakker ... this blog :-) Ayway, below a must watch video on channel 9 if you are interested in the S+S Blueprints thing Jack talks about... "Another important goal is integrating Software Factories with Software-plus-Services (S+S) Blueprints"

Rosario Video - Generate TestCases from ActivityDiagram

Played today with CommunityClips from Microsoft Office Labs... I made a video from some work [in progress] with Rosario Team Architect and Team Test. Actually, it was just meant to be for internal use only, but why not share it...  [I'm so 2.0 ] These posts have some more additional information: Rosario - Activity Diagrams, TestCases and Camano Testing in the Lifecycle [ALM]... a focus on automation and these on Rob Kuijt's blog: Test cases directly generated from Activity Diagrams! Test cases generated from Activity Diagrams part II and this one: TMap Testing Use Cases   It wasn't ... [More]

" a service" a Web2.0 hype problem.

Beside the big and loud announcement of VS2008 SP1 Beta, what is a great Service Pack, there is also an announcement from Microsoft Research... Microsoft WorldWide Telescope. While reading about this, I ran into some strange Web2.0 things. It started by this sentence [see quote] on the WWT site which triggered my observation...  WorldWide Telescope as a service... That's strange, when it comes from Microsoft it should be called "Software plus Services", but when you read the complete sentence... Microsoft Research is releasing WorldWide Telescope as a service free of charge to the astronomy and education communities as a tribute to Gray... The focus isn't on the "as a service" part... [More]

Rosario - Create Sequence Diagram from Binary

A follow-up on the "Rosario - Create Sequence Diagram from Existing Code" post... To have real fun I analyzed the "Insert Into Active Diagram..." command . First I analyzed the "ReverseEngineerMethodCommand" method, which can be found in the "StructuralDesignersCommands" assembly in Visual Studio's "PrivateAssemblies" folder. This ended in 100% CPU and a deadlock of Visual Studio, probably to much method calls to classes and depth in there. Anyway, when I analyzed the "CreateLifelineCommandImplementation" It didn't crash and a nice sequence diagram was created. [see image]. I must go and buy an A0 printer or a video-wall to get a nice overview...  Zooming will give use more insight..... [More]

How Do I: Model Class Libraries using the Architecture Edition Power Tools?

Another video on MSDN about Team Architect from Richard Hundhausen... this time the video covers the Architecture Edition Power Toys.   three comments on the video: Hurray we get support for class libraries [00:00:34]. I'm not a big fan of having class libraries on the application diagram. when you make a serious project, you get a lot of shapes which don't add any value to the diagram [see image, also testprojects will show up in the diagram] and class libraries don't belong at application level [see Bill Gibson's post about this, TN_1105- Why Class Libraries are not shown on an Application Diagram] Synchronize back and forward wi... [More]

Rosario - Activity Diagrams, TestCases and Camano

Just want to point you [readers] to Rob's posts according to Team Architect's activity diagrams and the work he did to generated Test Cases from it... Test cases directly generated from Activity Diagrams! Test cases generated from Activity Diagrams part II   This fit's perfectly in this "Testing in the Lifecycle [ALM]... a focus on automation" story..! Very interesting work with just a CTP ... He also made a post according the use of Camano [On-the-fly testing with Camano].

Rosario - Create Sequence Diagram from Existing Code

Located on beautiful Orcas Island in Washington State's San Juan Islands, Rosario Resort & Spa has long been a favorite destination for travelers seeking relaxation and unparalleled beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Anyway, lets look at some other kind of "relaxation and unparalleled beauty", create Sequence Diagram from Existing Code. The scenario this feature supports is the same as the physical class diagram and the Architectural Explorer, help people understand and evaluating a implementation / architecture of existing code by visualizing it. The dependency matrix visualizes dependencies between artifacts, the physical class diagram visualizes the static relations between objects an... [More]

Live Mesh, The Emperor's New Groove...

Just watch Walt Disney's Dumbo with Abel and in the previews there was this... I had to think about Ray Ozzie and Live Mesh... I'm not the only one when you read the comments in this post "Ray Ozzie delivers with Live Mesh" from Scobleizer: Sounds “groove-y.”Groove++ ? Mesh is Groove scaled up   I agree, at first look this looks like something related to Groove. I always liked the underlying Groove platform although the top layer ruined it. This could end up being a great transport for applications that are usually but not always online. Really hoping they deliver on the Mac and device support! Groovy. I can’t wait to see if Ray has the wherewithall to start cutting some of the MS... [More]

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