Rosario – Create Custom Team Architect UML Diagram-MenuItems

There are many ways, maybe to many, to extend Visual Studio.  Macros, AddIns, VSPackages, [see: Visual Studio Extensibility Demystified] GAT-GAX, et cetera and now with Rosario we get even more ways with new features like the Architecture Explorer [see Create your own Progression Provider post]. So, we’ve got a lot of ways to add our own functionality. While the Architectural Explorer is more for visualizing the architecture of your applications [or binaries] it is also possible to make executable commands, not really the best place to do that. I think users will get lost when I hide my commands in there, they are used to the current structure of commandbars and mouse-menu items. We a... [More]

Rosario – Project Estimating with Team Architect Diagrams

An idea [and early implementation ] of our “Enable ALM by Automation” vision within Rosario. While VSTS with TFS is great in measuring, time tracking, project planning and other project management kind of tasks it misses the early phase where the project team needs to estimates the project. With Rosario Team Architect this important missing piece in Application Lifecycle Management can be realized, by making an “connected” viewpoint for business estimation and measurement. Project Estimation. I think, I don’t have to talk about why there is a need for project estimation [it would be a very long post], how it’s done and what needs to be in place to do it “right” [is an estimation eve... [More]

Rosario – Create your own Progression Provider

What Progression Providers? I mean those commands in the Architecture Explorer. For example the “Insert into Active Diagram” command which generates a sequence diagram from the selected method or the “Save as XPS…”. And just because Visual Studio is extensible from top to bottom it should be easy to make your own commands.  Why..? Why would you want to create your own Progression provider?  For example, you could make your own “Import from strange format…” or “Export Model to strange format…” commands, XMI for example. I want a command “Generate TestCase…” for this solution Rosario Video - Generate TestCases from ActivityDiagram and I also thinking of changing GAX/GAT ... [More]

Code Generation 2008 MediaFiles

I’m not a conference blogger [ “Tips for conference bloggers” from Bruno Giussani and Ethan Zuckerman]. But, I always make some pictures, movies and notes. These are some of them… Keynote: Matching Supply and Demand: Challenges in Model-Based Code Generation for Quality of Service-Constrained Software Bran Selic (Malina Software Corp.) Interesting thoughts about Platform Independs… Early morning breakfast at the Hotel. Pedro Molina  Experience Report: MDD: Models, frameworks and code generation: some experiences building business software. ... [More]

Welcome to BlogEngine.NET 1.4.5

The description is used as the meta description as well as shown in the related posts. It is recommended that you write a description, but not mandatory [More]

My CodeGeneration Presentation

Instead of just publisching the deck, I made a kind of storyboard, with links for further reading, of my session…      Introduction, see the About Me page, still have to update this. Beside introduce my self also setting the stage. TAP project, this project: “Public Case Study Visual Studio 2008 Team Architect and Software Factories ” ] and the focus during this session “I talked more about the technical details around the DSL implementations than the real project”. The structure of the session: The ideas, tools, solutions, lessons and what’s next. The ideas, as always.. Ena... [More]

At Cambridge for Code Generation 2008

Just arrived in beautiful Cambridge for three days of talking about “Code Generation”. The main players in the field of model driven development will be present at this event. So, it’s going to be interesting. I attended this event past year and really liked it. For those who don’t follow this blog that long. There are some pictures on flickr and I also recorded these video’s [below] during the panel discussions [bad quality, but I think you will get the idea] [Panel members were Tony Clark (Xactium), Steve Cook (Microsoft), Matthew Fowler (NT/e), Allan Kennedy (Kennedy Carter) and Juha-Pekka Tolvanen (Metacase).] On the code generation site you can find the full MP3’s of these discu... [More]

Blogging 1.0 is really out-dated…I Changed to Blogging 2.0

Triggered by a post from You can spot those living in Blogging 1.0 as they're the ones railing about keeping all their comments on their blog, and they're the ones saying that FriendFeed or Twitter have absolutely no value, and complaining about the noise. [Blogging 2.0 Causing Friction With 1.0 Bloggers] My posts now live in all kind of different places where people can add comments. For example Hyves, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and some more “social” networks. But, just subscribing to all kind of networks, digg’s, social bookmarks sites and let people comment from there isn’t really 2.0… I also changed my blog-engine to use Silverlight. It wasn’t in my... [More]

TechEd Keynote Video

No need to go to conferences anymore… ;-) here is the video [asx] Team Archiitect with Brian starts at minute 43. As I wrote in this post: “I'm curious what he really said…” I can say now, after I watched the complete keynote… he did’nt talk about UML in relation to Oslo. Not that important, just want to be sure… small update from RedmondDeveloper In a the Q&A portion, a developer asked Gates about the UML modeling standards in Visual Studio. He said in part: "We'll have additional support for UML in Visual Studio 10 for the specific modeling tools that are there. Then as we move forward and take the modeling platform to the next layer, we'll get even more ability for you ... [More]

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